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DesertSnowJunkies: "Snow Riders for a Cure" Charity Fundraiser

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To commemorate another great season on the snow, DSJ is running a fundraising campaign for Christopher Reeve Foundation to help develop and deliver treatments and cures for spinal cord injuries.


For those of you too young to remember, Christopher Reeve was a movie star famous for his role as the superhero in the movies Superman I-IV (1978-87). He was thrown from his horse in 1995 resulting in severe permanent paralysis from the neck down. The next year he became a high profile activist for the cause and created his namesake foundation.


As part of the snow rider community, we feel this charity is very appropriate for our sport. Undoubtedly we have all known or read about unfortunate falls on the slopes that all too often result in tragic permanent injuries. Science is rapidly advancing, and an end to permanent paralysis may be in sight.


ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of these shirts go to the charity, so please help a great cause at:











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Wanted to buy a t-shirt but the site doesn't appear secure ( https)...

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Please take my word for it, all is secure. It's all done through CustomInk.com which is a very reputable website.  I believe nolo will vouch for this. Thank you for helping a great cause.

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Only 4 days left in this charity campaign! Please help to support a great cause and purchase a shirt at Desertsnowjunkies.com

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This T-shirt charity campaign ends at midnight tonight.  Support a great cause and get a T-shirt before it's over!

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Thank you for supporting our charity campaign!


I hope everyone got their T-shirts by now. I think they came out pretty cool and hope you do too.
We sold 61 and a check for $230 is on its way to the Reeves Foundation. It’s a small start, but we’ve already set next year’s goal at 100 shirts and $400 to charity.
A special thanks to our sponsors who stepped up with their support. In particular, www.Lifestylez.com, Ski Pro Ride Shops, and Durango Mountain Resort.
Thanks again for helping our rider community reach out for a great cause,
fritzski out


From: campaignservice@customink.com To: fritzski@aol.com Sent: 4/3/2013 4:38:06 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time

Hi John,
Thanks so much for participating in a fundraising campaign with CustomInk!
Your campaign is now closed and your order will ship to your participants no later than April 17th. Your order number for reference is: 2850110
You guys raised $229.36 for your cause! If you haven’t already, please complete the attached W9 form and email it to
to ensure a timely check.
If you have any questions, please email or call me. I’m happy to help!
Good luck and take care!
Super Best,
Rose Woo Campaign Advisor Direct #: (855) 631-6850
CustomInk, LLC
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