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Anyone skiing the 12/13 Influence 115?

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Thinking about pulling the trigger on these but I can't find one to demo... also quite late in the game given the snow conditions I can access right now!


I did some demo on a couple pow skis a few weeks ago, unfortunately not the best conditions, spring mashed potato and not much deep snow :-( 


Opus 178: very easy to drive, it turns on a dime. Really like how the it skis. What I really hated about it is how much it chatter on firmer conditions, I know I won't be using it much on firm snow and have no intentions to use it on grommers or hardpack, but I'd like something more stable for days after storm and variable snow.


Gunsmoke 179: much more stable and able to handle firmer conditions a little better. Now I didn't like the tails, really hooking up on the snow, might have been a poor tune, but I was a little disappointed with the hard time I had to get the tails to release, I had some great expectations for this ski but the Opus was actually much more my type of skiing then the gunsmoke.


Now the Influence 115, I couldn't find one for demo, real bummer... but based on reviews I could find it's supposed to be a little bit stiffer and more versatile than the Opus, more directional which is good for me. Size 179 might be the way to go, think 186 is going to be too much since I wanna use them for days after storms, but I was really worried that blister said the 186  actually measure 182 tip/tail, so I'm not sure what to expect from the 179.


Should I look at something else? Rocker 115, Patron?


Me 5'5" / 150, intermediate skier. I ski in Idaho and can ski pretty much everything on/off piste in Sun Valley in most conditions not all of them. Currently skiing Prophets 98 @ 172.


Does anyone know if the Influence is anything like the P98 or Opus? Like a little bit similar but more stiffer and stable than both?

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I think the 179 range is the ski you are looking for.


The Line has less rise in the tail than the Patron and Gunsmoke but more like the Rocker 115. Out of the skis you mentioned, IMHO the Line has the most horsepower it will like the charge the most. 

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I have the 192 115s. Me: 5'11" 180s. Like you said though, they are all much shorter than stated,  tape pull on mine is just over 188 with a decent amount of earl rise in the tip and some in the tail.  I have skied them all over the mountain here at Alta in a wide variety of conditions and find them really easy to ski and at 188 they are still very maneuverable. 


They dont flap around at speed and when it is soft, they are actually pretty fun on groomers. They only thing I had to get used to on this ski, which might be similar to the P98 (havent skied them; I see and think it has that same metal thing under the topsheet) is that when smashing though chopped up snow the tips seem to be a little soft. Almost a feeling that they are bending a way too much just at the tip. If I had the 186 (really only 182) I would be a little fearful on blasting through anything. But with the 192, I find the stiff under foot up until the metal piece ends still can push through this if you force them to. In the pow they are a fairly easy ski to go kill it with. They are stable with speed with  a conservative but still fun tail, with more of an option to slarve/slash around when wanted. I have sent some decent drops with chopped runouts no problem. 


I still think this ski is a really big hit or miss for a lot of people though. I have skied the 188 Rocker2 115 in 14" here at alta. The R2 seemed stiffer throughout and could handle chopped/crud slightly better. Though, if you can adjust to the Influence it could be great, I still ski it just as well but enjoyed the influence in the pow and all mountain much more. 


I dunno. I haven't skied the opus, but Andrew Witheford thinks the 115 influence is just a beefer opus.  I'm sure he would know. 

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