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Has someone demoed both Axis XP and Axis X Pro?

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I never had the opportunity to demo the Axis X Pro, but there have been volumes written about them in here over the years. Now that they have been replaced with the Axis XP, it would be very helpful if some of those same people would tell us first-hand what K2 has actually gone and done.

In particular, are they apples and oranges that shouldn't really be compared? Or, as K2 claims, does XP fill the same niche only better? Which one would be better for eastern tree skiing? Are comparisons between each of them and Rossi Bandit XX warranted?

I always wanted to demo the Axis X Pro because I weigh 200 lb. They can still be found in shops at discount prices, so it could be tempting if I were to demo the XP and Bandit XX and extrapolate based on what is written here. Thanks.
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X Mountain Man,

Try this old post: Axis XP Review

I own the Axis X Pro (188) and am on my thrid season on them. I also own the Bandit XX (184) and I am enjoying my second season on them. I also wrote the post from above, as I had the opportunity to try the XP last spring in the 181 size.

They are very similar skis in that they are all great all-arounders. Here is my assessment of how they rank in a few categories.

Stability - The Pro definitely wins here. It is the beefiest of the bunch and is at the most ease at speed.(2)XP(3)XX

Agility/Short Rads - XX. It is so easy to throw short rads with these! Spunky and fun.(2)XP(3)X Pro

Powder - XP. Wider is better. The XX is a close 2nd. The X Pro is last.

Crud - X Pro. Despite the 70-mm waist, it is the strongest ski and pushes through the chunk and muck the best. For me the XP and XX are a tie for 2nd place.

Bumps - XX easily wins. So quick, but suprisingly fun in the moguls. I look for the bumps when I have these on my feet. Don't let the 74-mm waist fool you. It would be a toss up between the X Pro and XP as to which is runner up.

Forgiveness - XX. It is just the most fun of all of them, yet has an incredible performance range. The XP is forgiving, but bordered on "dull" in my opinion. The X Pro is definitely great fun, but only for a skilled skier.

Overall - I like the XX for everyday use. I occassionally bring the X Pro's out on days at big resorts when I just want to mach. The XP fits right in between the XX and X Pro. I think that K2 was trying to leverage the Axis reputation, while taking advantage of the shift towards fatter skis. It did win "ski of the year" by one of the mags and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It just seem to blend into the pack more than it set itself apart.

Oh, if you decide the X Pro is in your future, my brother has a clean pair of 188's with Sallie 912's that he is looking to dump. It seems that a 188 is a long ski these days and potentail takers have been few.
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