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right knee issues?

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I've been skiing hard all season, no major issues until recently.  Last week I skied a whole day, 22k vert and felt okay after.  My right knee felt a little loose like it had been worked pretty good but I don't remember tweaking it on any runs.  Day after skiing I could barely put weight on my right knee and it felt like some swelling was going on.  Pretty significant pain for 2 days but it feels fine this week, just a little residual pain when I walk.  What happened to my knee?  Did I just over exert things or could I have a potential injury?  I have a ski weekend planned for this weekend but I am nervous and don't want to do any major or permanent damage.  Appreciate any advice.

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Was the pain localized or generally in the knee?  Any hard landings, twists or sudden avoidance maneuvers?  Meniscus injury can be sneaky, but if you feel fine now, you probably are.

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thanks for the reply!  Definitely a general pain and it feels a lot better today even from a few days ago.  Thinking back on my last ski day I did get wonky in some moguls and ended up doing a full stop on just my right leg which could be the cause.   I will ease into my ski day on Saturday and make sure I don't exasperate anything.

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Now saying exactly what sort of pain is it is not possible just by reading. You have to know that by the intensity of pain. I hope You might be able to differentiate  between the general pain and injury pain.


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