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i also would go for a way to continue skiing in summer as was mentioned before...


1) Research and have a decent artificial surface that behave like hard packed on all the ski slopes of the resorts. In winter, it gets covered by snow and gets uncovered as the snow melt.  this has the advantage to eliminate any rock damage to skis in the early/late season if you stick to the groomers.


2) As mentioned above construct a refrigirated structure above all ski slopes (and ignore the glades and off piste to keep cost lower) with maybe a sprinkler system for artificial powder days. But then it'd need to open up to let the real snow in.. hum.. that seems unpractical...



other wise dig a giant pit (1 km deep) and use the ruble to build a giant hill next to it.  So you effectively have a 1 km deep amphiteatre and a  500 m hill next tot it so that it a 1500 m denivelation ski resort. The more likely solution is to convert an existing mine.  snow may be an issue but notheing that can't be fixed with extensive snow making! et voila a big mountain ski resort in flatland! 

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half off that was awesome, half was hilariously ignorant and backwards.  ski racing is whack for the most part lol, and ill keep my terrain parks, and skiing with snowboarders is fun....

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And your bright idea is.........?  Terrain parks everywhere for the "non-whack" people?


I salute your originality and inclusiveness, as well as your ability to properly answer a question rather than ragging on someone else's opinion.  Well done, may your careful insight and due consideration be an inspiration to us all.

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On a serious note, I would prolly open up the indoor place that has never opened in Rutherford, NJ. Make deals with Chelsea Piers and the ski shops in NYC (is anything left, other than Paragon?) to have shuttles or whatever to get the yuppie $ in there. During off hours when it's not busy, I'd have lessons for kids that cannot afford it. Make sure the local stations hear about it and voila! Free publicity! I'd probably slip the reporter a $50 to make sure the kids give the place a glowing review. I'd also guarantee that any kid that goes through the program receives a pass until they hit 18 (they get one hour of free time/rental 6 times a year).  I get advertising and I feel good about doing something good. Win-win. 

Lots of disposable income in Manhattan- matched with Hoboken/Jersey City/Rutherford yups and $ in Bergen County which is next door...

I don't think I'd be set for life, but I could live on the profit AND I'd be promoting a sport that I love. 


Edit: I just realized that the place that I was referring to, was/is called Xanadu. Sorry, really stupid name. So, I guess you could say that I second the other people that mentioned it before me. 

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Originally Posted by JAHRASTAFARI View Post

thats not cool bro


i HATE resorts that don't let boarders shred....its all the same, one love


They can shred. Separate but equal.

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Sorry, if I offended anybody. Most places I love skiing with snowboarders. Taos just isn't one of those places. Too many narrow steep runs. It could get bad enough at times when there were just beginner skiers, but adding beginner snowboarders to the mix often has me wanting to pull my hair out.

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