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Off Season -- Ski Storage

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I saw a thread the other day asking about DIN settings on bindings, and a comment about someone forgetting to set their bindings at the beginning of the season triggered this question ---


   Should binding be released, or DIN set to 0 during the offseason ?   Are there any other off season ski storage recommendations ?

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1) Obviously, throw a coat of wax on the base and don't bother scraping it until you are ready to ski again.  This will protect the base from junk getting into it while in storage.  Some people think wax keeps the base from oxidizing.  I dunno about that, but another coat of wax can't hurt.

2) Some people loosen the spring in the bindings and other don't for mechanical reasons that may or may not be valid.  I started doing it for another reason: Doing so forces me check the DIN settings each year.  The kids are growing and changing weight, I tend to be heavier every few years, etc. 

3) Tune and repair the skis before storing them.  WIth the skis for the younger child, this also means getting them ready for sale in the fall.

4) Check the bindings before storing them.  This includes checking that the screws are tightly fastened into the skis and/or adding a little grease if necessary.

5) Make sure the hydration pack is empty of all moisture for summer storage.  I always change the bite valves of any new pack with the military ones sold on EBAY.  They are super cheap, never leak and pull apart easily to make drainage easy.

6) Wash all winter clothing and stick it into those space/vacuum bags for storage.  Those sealed air tight bags eliminate the need for smelly moth balls for anything with wool in it, and can be dropped into a duffle or suitcase if you are going skiing in the off season.  Target and Walmart put them on sale this time of year.

7) Replace all the grips on your golf clubs.  The season starts with the Masters.

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Good question.  One of the Epicski Gear articles covers the basics for summer storage:


To get Gear articles, click on Articles in the menu bar, then click on the Gear tab, then Care & Upkeep.

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