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ski recommendations?

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first post here, just wanted some opinions. my stats are as follows: 5'9", 185-190 lbs, advanced skier. currently riding a volkl bridge 171cm. I am having trouble finding stability at high speed. The ski performs well here in ohio (dont laugh), performs ok at holiday valley in NY, but out west it just seems woefully inadequate out west. i feel like i get kicked around alot in the choppy stuff, and i cant keep up with my friends. i feel like we are at the same ability level. i am thinking of upgrading my ski, with stability in mind. i am seeking something longer, just not sure how much longer. additionally, should i be looking for something with a wider underfoot? i am at 95mm with the volkl bridge. my ski style is basically all mountain, i want to be able to go anywhere, with minimal use in the park. thanks in advance!


we will be in whistler bc next year, and hopefully a few other western resorts, fyi.

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First of al, welcome to EpicSki.


The Bridge in 171cm is way too short for someone 190 lbs.  I'm essentially the same size as you and my shortest ski is in the high 170's and isn't a twintip like the bridge.  My twintips are 181cm and feel great at that length.


Where else besides Whistler are you headed next year, and what types of terrain do you plan on skiing?  Have you demoed any skis recently?  Are you wanting only twintips, or are you open to flat tailed skis?


You'll get lots of recommendations that are all over the board, so the more info we have on you the better the recommendations will be.



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I wouldnt be opposed to a flat tail, twin tips are great but i don't ride switch enough to justify them, but if they happen to be one of the better options I am fine with that as well.


Next year I may try to hit colorado (not sure what resort), this year i was at canyons, park city, and deer valley. I wiped out a few times just due to some general instability. I couldn't believe it. In terms of terrain, i would like to be able to ski glades, some bumps, groomers, etc. Truly all mountain. I hit some natural terrain jumps when I see em :)


I would like to improve my skills in the bumps though. I have been focusing on pushing myself through those to improve.

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I agree the skis are too short for your weight, except on hard groomers.  My son is 6', 160 pounds and skis on 178cm Elan 888.  I'm 5'7-8", 150 pounds and ski a 170cm Nordica Steadfast.  A 95-98mm ski is hardly ideal for midwest skiing, you'd be better off with something 75-80mm.  For western skiing a 95-105 is fine most of the time.  So you need to prioritize what is important.  If you get a ski that's a good western daily driver your skiing at home will suffer and if you get a good ski for the midwest, your skiing in the west will suffer.  If you can afford two skis that would be ideal, if not then you need to make the hard choice.

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I would rather my home skiing suffer, than paying thousands to go out west and continue skiing on my current ski. At worst, I could just keep my current ski for here, and get one for western adventures.

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I am thinking possibly a Cham 97, in either 178 or 184cm. Possibly a Cham 107 in 184cm, but im not sure if I will have an issue adapting to that much underfoot, and length.


I am heavier, thicker, and when i ask the 171cm bridge to get up and go, it cant give me what i need. if i go to a 178, i dont want to be met with the same disappointment.

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The only way you are going to know about a longer and wider ski is to try some.  Nobody can realistically tell you if you will or won't have an issue.  

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I guess that is a fair enough answer. I just don't enough different skis under my belt to make an accurate assessment.

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Find out what is available to demo locally, unless you're planning a trip west soon, in which case you can "demo til you drop."

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