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Volkl V-Pro

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Ski Make: Volkl
Ski Model: V-Pro
Ski Length: 190cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Ice, Packed Powder, Bumps, Powder
Number of Days Used: Haven't been counting. 30?
Your Ability: Pretty Good
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 25
Other Skis I Have: Rossi XXX 188cm ('00/'01), Volkl P40 SL Carver 177cm, Volkl P40 F1 198cm
Your Height/Weight: 6'/190lbs
Comments: I bought this ski when I moved to Stowe. I was thinking it would be nice to have the twin-tip for skiing switch while teaching as well as riding pipe and park. They were to be an all-mountain ski. Hopefully, I would be able to teach level 1s on them in the morning, and hike the chin with them on the same day. I mounted them with M1200 Pistons knowing that the vast majority of the time, I'd be skiing on packed powder. As I waited for the skis, I wondered if the length would be too much.

I finally got them, got them mounted up, and I have to say, I love them. In fact, I haven't skiied any of my other skis since. I've mostly been teaching on them (durable topsheets, btw), and then skiing fast on groomers. Edge hold at speed is astounding for a ski of this width. I want to bring out the F1s just to see if the edge grip is really that good, or I have just gotten used to what they have. I've also been skiing a fair bit of bumps on them. They are a lot better at this than I thought they would be. I pretty much hated skiing bumps on my XXXs, but on the V-Pros, I like them. Got to ski a little bit of our 2' of powder yesterday, but I had to work in the morning, so I missed the woods when they were still untracked (everybody was stuck on the road most of the morning. No liftlines at all). Again, they were pretty manageable, but I am feeling a bit apprehensive about my ability to manage them in tighter glades. I may get something shorter and wider for that. 180 V-Explosives? Edgw grip on ice really suprised me too. Yesterday, hit some major ice on Starr, thought I'd go sliding, but the edges bit like crampons.

Only downsides I can think of are with this width, it is hard to change edges simultaneously on hardpack. I feel like I have a little stem move when I am going slow. This goes away when I am going fast. Maybe my alignment needs looking at. I'll have to see if this goes away on thinner skis. Also, it is hard to skate with them as the tails want to catch on each other.
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I mounted it where they said to. I think it would be easier to ride switch if they were forward more, but that's not really my priority.
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epic, why do you ski such long boards. I'm 5'11" 190 skied 54 days this season and my longest ski is 177cm. You need to come down in lenght and you will have a better time in the trees as well as everywhere else. My insturctor friends tell me that I should be on the G3 in 173cm.

Go shorter and stay with about a 70cm waist.
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