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It Takes a Base - Go North

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In order to have good skiing in the glades and on the natural snow mogul runs here in the east, there has to be a decent base covering the worst of the stumps and rocks. After the big rain and thaw a week ago, some places in southern Maine and eastern New Hampshire were starting to look pretty threadbare, with bare spots starting to show even on some of the snowmaking trails.


I was up at Saddleback this weekend. (Wicked cold for late March. Single numbers on top, and bitter wind blowing up the hill.) One of the bump runs had been flattened, and most of the rest were closed due to a brutally hard re-frozen surface. Ditto in the trees. Nearly unskiable. It was a groomer day, for sure. The mountain had definitely lost a little bit of snow, but there was still a very respectable base - not at all like the scene further south. For the most part, the runs that were closed were closed because they were shiny, not because there was insufficient cover.


The point I'm leading up to here is that if we get the 12 - 18 inches of snow they're predicting for tomorrow and tomorrow night, Sugarloaf and Saddleback are two places that should be on your radar if you are the kind of skier who looks beyond the usual suspect groomer terrain. Unfortunately I'm going to miss it, but I like to think that folks are going to be up there checking out the great tree skiing that's likely to be available.

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Looks like you are getting hammered with the good stuff.

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