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March 2 demo, Jackson Hole -- Tram, Thunder, Sublette chairs -- chutes, bumps, bowls, slicked off cruisers, w/ choppy snow on Lower Sublette & Hobacks.


Spring conditions, some new dusting of wind-blown over nasty frozen previous day melt, softening p.m. on lower mountain, northerly aspects actually pretty good all day.


Me: 5'10" 190lbs., technically old-school solid (narrowish stance, drive the tips & ride the middle), sometimes charging and other times not so much.


Found both models @ Pepi Steigler's to try.  Good tunes on all.  Haven't been on Kastle's since prior to the resurrection, but used to be a fan.  Thought I'd see what the hype is about, with no intent to buy.


First tried the 83's in 173.  Light, quick, nimble, effortless, good edge, but felt short and I just didn't trust them with any kind of speed in the chop.


Then the 88's in 178.  A lot more ski. Solid everywhere. Could be made to be quick, but it took some of work, and I would not call them nimble or effortless by any stretch.  Had to work to load them up.  They were just ok in bumps -- again too much work to be considered a bump ski in my book.  Work, work, work (that is, relative to the 83's in 173).  Maybe if I were in better shape ---


Then back to the 83's in 183.  Really really liked these.  Kinda like an epiphany. Didn't lose much if any of the 173's light, quick, nimble, & easy characteristics, but the extra length added the 'trust factor' that I thought was lacking in the 173's.  Seemed maybe even more solid than the 88's and also a lot more comfortable and fun.  Loaded easier than the 88's and still released w/ some authority.  Quick edge-to-edge fun was easy in all terrain & conditions. Solid & quiet big turns everywhere, and just plain quick, fun & easy thru the bumps.  Super tip initiation that I like but just haven't found in any of  the new rockered stuff.  Did I mention fun?  


Had no idea a single ski could be so good in so many oxymoronic (is that a word?) areas of performance.


Upon return, the guys @ Pepi's asked if I wanted a pair.


Yeah, right. Like I really need another pair of skis.


Umm.  Bought the MX83's in 183 from Dawgcatching today.  They shipped within a couple of hours from time of order - great service, thanks guys.  Like somebody else said of the Kastle's in a past thread here -- don't try 'em unless you're prepared to buy 'em.