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Volkl Wall?

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I just bought a pair of Volkl Walls in a 169. I'm 5'10", 180 and ski mostly small hills in lower Michigan. I'm not sure if this is the right ski. I consider my self pretty advanced. Just curious what others think.
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If you're not sure if it's the right ski, then why did you buy it?

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It was suggested by several people, and I demoed it. I was more concerned about length.
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It sounds like you're right in between sizes on that particular ski. The 169cm you have might be a touch short in terms of your ability level. On the other hand, a 177cm is almost as tall as you, so the typical response would be that it's too long. In my opinion though, this is a question of personal preference. In the longer size, you're going to be getting a much more stable ride, and a more powerful ski to bomb down black diamonds with. In the 169cm ski, you're getting more maneuverablility.


Personally, I'm 5'9" on a good day, and I've been skiing 179cm skis for years now. The extra length isn't really an issue, and you end up getting used to it pretty quickly. That said, the 169cm is going to be a lot more maneuverable for you, so if you'd rather have a ski that you can whip around a bit easier, then the ski you purchased would be just fine.


If by chance you do want to upgrade, I should probably mention that we have the 2013 Volkl Wall available over at Hope this helped!


-Matt @

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I'm the same size as you and wouldn't even consider a 169cm in a twintip ski like the Wall.


177cm is likely the right size for you, I'd even consider the 185cm.  Remember it's a twintip ski and will ski 7-10cm shorter than it's length.



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