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Locker or Cargo Carrier

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Have a simple question. Should I get a locker at our local ski resort for next season or go ahead and buy an enclosed cargo carrier? Long story short is we have a 6 year old who he and I will ski next winter often and we also have twins that will just start to ski next winter. We live about 5 minutes from the ski area that we will frequent for the next few years until all of our kids are a little older. At that point I will need a carrier to travel. The lockers aren't frills, pine boxes essentially. Cargo carrier could be used for other things than skies, but would not have the convenience of having your boots, skies, helmets right next to the slope. Thoughts?
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It all comes down to price for the convenience (time/energy saved).


If it costs $5, then everyone would say go for it.

If it costs $50,000, people would say you're out of your mind.


You need to evaluate how much the saved time/energy is worth in dollars to you.  If you assume that extra cash is already budgetted for skiing, what else could/would you spend it on  instead of the locker? Does that bring you more or less happiness.


If you are on the fence, maybe you can try for a trial and see how it goes?

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Thanks. Your mind is where mine is. Locker is only $200 for the year. With the potential of going 30+ times it seems well worth it. Only thing I don't like is I will need to bring all boots home each time to get them dried out.
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Go for the locker, it will save you lots of time and headaches loading and unloading the car and getting all of the gear to the slopes.


Only having to remember boots and clothing on the way out the door will be great.



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With a 6 yr old and I assume younger twins , I would definitely go for the Locker. Otherwise you and your wife will probably end up carrying 5 sets of skis from the Car to the slopes . Trust me , that gets old in a hurry .  When the kids are a little older and can carry their own gear , get the carrier.

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Id go for the locker as well if your going 30times plus as it makes it a 7$ per day locker.  Is that pricey for a locker or no?   U can almost get a season pass at a small ski area for that price.

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get the cargo box now... and when next season comes, go for the locker.  YOu will get more usage out of a cargo box, for other activities, including road trips.

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Our lockers are 300 bucks for the season.  They're large enough for some gear and 2 sets of skis and poles...3 if you're gifted at working them in, and maybe 4 or more if only 2 are adult skis.


I keep a pack in there with extra goggles and various other items, and I keep an extra mid-layer in there for when things get more nippy than I planned.  It's also nice to have a place to stuff your regular boots/shoes while skiing or store a layer if things get toasty.


The crux of it is that it's the best 300 bucks a year I spend on skiing...after my pass, of course. 

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Like I had stated above our are $200 for the year and are large enough to keep all 5 pairs of skis, helmets, poles, etc. would even be large enough to keep all our boots in there if I did not want to bring them home to dry out the liners. Locker it is for the next few years. Thanks.
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