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Originally posted by disski:
Yah didn't try any Stocklis....
Nobody around here (locally) sells/demos Stockli or Nordica so I can't try them out.
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Thank you all in this forum for your help. Based on good feedback in here I jumped on last years model volkl G3 177 w/marker 1200 pistons. I bought them untested and demo'd no other ski's, leap of faith. My old ski's are 10 y/o Olin Dtsl 195 straight stix. OMG..talk about a leap forward! I picked them up yesterday and hit the slopes last night. Fig'd I'd take it easy last night(first time out this season) and hit some blues and casual blacks. Then I made my first run on a Blue..Pa loose granular and hardpack with some ice spots thrown in for fun. The G3's just wanted to take off..so I let em. At 15-20 mph cruising the ski's yawned, they begged for more. By my third run I had to let em rip, the G3's felt riding in a Lincoln at casual cruising speeds..not my style. On my third run I was chewing up icy and crud covered bumps like I've only dreamed about. My buddies looked at me in awe and later accused me of having having snuck off to ski school over the holidays. They refused to believe that these ski's had made me this balls to wall skier that actually looked confident with near flawless form. I took the advice of others in here and ski'd the G3's with a forward athletic stance.I had to purposely push bad form to assure myself the G3 wasn't posessed with some decent skiers soul. Cross under technique(which I have struggled with in the past seemed soo natural on these. Only thing I could find, and it's certainly no fault of the G3 is that if you get in the back seat on bumps..these ski's will go without you. By my 5th run down the mountain I was skiing like I've only dreamed about. The G3's immediately busted me out of of a 2 year rut of being an inconsistant level 8. These ski's are fast, stable and cut through ice and hard pack like a butter knife. I can't wait to ski in the stuff these ski's are actually supposed to excel in! I like to ski hard for my ability and these ski's seem to love to be pushed. It will be some time before(if ever) i find their limitations. I ski'd mid sized bumps..skis chewed em up. I ski'd long black/blue cruisers as fast as i could on hardpack(prob hitting close to 40 mph) and the ski's yawned. No chatter, stable as can be..I can't wait to find their speed limit. I did hear that kinda creaky buzz from the tips I've read about at higher speeds but I didn't find it annoying as some have said. These ski's seem to manage kinetic energy so well that my legs never fatigued all night..and that's a first! I'm a 40 y/o guy not in the best of shape right now. I'm 5' 11" 190, the 177 in these feel like perfection. At the end of the night I still had hours of skiing left in me and my buddies were crawling back to the car and they're 7 years younger than me. My one buddy on his new Atomic 7:18's really really wish he'd spent a few more hundred bucks. Keeping up with me those 7:18's he said his legs still felt like they were vibrating 3 later. I bet he's out shopping right about now. The only sad part about these ski's is that now I need to find new ski buds that can hang with me. Skiing is hellacious fun again! Any long stick worshippers left out there...let it go man! There's a whole new nirvana out there.
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I am 44yrs old, 5'8", 155lbs. and 4 yrs ago went from ancient 207cm K2 812's to 95cm Atomic 9.20's and 2 weeks ago went to 167cm K2 Axis XP's. Holy crud. Have now road-tested for 3 days on groomed, glades, bumps, and I cannot believe the stability at high speed, carving (wow!) on corduroy, carving on anything, ease of turning in crud and 5 in. of light fluff (rare for New Hampshire, I know). Not sure yet about ice but I have never felt a ski maintain an arc like this one and get even tighter as I increase knee angulation! I am even trying the equal-weighting on up and down-hill skiis and am not crossong tips. I relunctantly am sold on the new technology and techniques. My opinion, go short. Your knees will thank you and your technique will be fine.

- Gary Robinson feeling 20 again in MA/NH

Originally posted by Taylormatt:
Hi everyone,

I just found this forum and it looks like what I've been searching for. I'm an ex racer from college, ex ski instructor from PA and CO. I've been on skis since I was around 3 yrs old, but had given up the sport for the last 5-6 years. I have gotten back into it this winter and forgot what I was missing all those years. Anyway, I purchased new boots recently because I'm getting older (31) and can't handle squeezing into race boots (Nordica Grand Prix 90's) 1.5 sizes too small and skiing all day. I found the Nordica Waves to fit me well and provide enough performance and lots of comfort.

Now I'm onto new skis. My Rossi 7S 205 race boards just don't cut it here in PA, they were fun in Co, but not here. I'll still keep them for those real icey high speed runs, but frankly, they are kicking my butt in the bumps due to their length and the limited sweet spot. I'm not 21 anymore and can't just go throw those boards around all day [img]smile.gif[/img]

I'm looking to demo the following on a trip to Snowshoe in a few weeks, looking for suggestions on these or others:

Volkl Vertigo (G3 perhaps?)
Volkl Super Sport 4
Volkl P50 Platinum

Atomic C8, C9
Atomic R8, R9

K2 Axis

Nordicas are also available to demo...any ideas?

I'm 6-2 210, love race inspired boards [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] , but need a bit more forgiveness to ski the bumps anymore. I ski it all, pow (like we get it here), crud, steeps, trees, bumps...I need some good recs for an all mountain board that will still hold well on the patented PA ice (which is just about every day) I'm likely going to look into the 180-182 length. Thanks for any insight you can give since I've been totally out of the ski scene basically since parabolics came out.
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Leeroy I was going to mention I knew of a ski like that but you beat me to it. Taylotmatt I strongly recommend you check next year's R11 that ski rips and will do it all. I'll be skiing it in a 180. I'm 5'10" and 185. The 9.20s or GS9s are both awesome skis but more for hardpack. SX11 is another Atomic winner more for hardpack but well loved in crud as well.
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Don't forget technique....don't let old school style affect your judgement of new school shapes. I to returned to skiing after a 10 year hiatus (I am 47 though) and it took a bit to get the hang of the new requirements to make the shapes to perform.
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Originally posted by dadibones:
Don't forget technique....don't let old school style affect your judgement of new school shapes. I to returned to skiing after a 10 year hiatus (I am 47 though) and it took a bit to get the hang of the new requirements to make the shapes to perform.
Yeah, I found this out at the end of the season. As my rust wore off and I started to learn how to make the Crossmax 10's I bought really cook. Unfortunately, things really clicked on the last 2-3 days of the season. But man, I can't wait to get out there this year and lay down some hip checking carved turns. The feeling of laying the new technology on edge and letting it rip is WAAAAY different than the old school stuff!

I'll be retesting some of the fatties that didn't appeal to me last year at the start of the season and I'm guessing I'll see a difference in how they ski now that I've figured out the new school techniques. I'll be on a quest for a 160 all mountain slammer this year.
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Originally posted by oboe:
.....Work on technique, and the mid-fats will find their place in your heart.
Thank you FatherOboe....( Gregorian Chant in the background.....)
lots of skis out theyah'
(hmmm, seems as though that's been mentioned previously : )

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