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Snowy Luau, Timberline WV 3/15&16, 2013

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The Colonel with raingear ready

Rare moment of sunshine, L-R, Vince, ScottyB, JohnL

Kim, JohnL, ScottyB

The Colonel, Charlie, Jimmy's best side, Scotty, Jamesj

Jimmy looking down on Scotty, John and Canaan Valley, WV

JohnL and ScottyB

JohnL in Cherry Bowl Glades

ScottyB in Cherry Bowl Glades

The Colonel


ScottyB in Cherry Bowl or maybe Old Dominion Glades

ScottyB cutting loose

JohnL loves Timberline's glades, this snow was tricky

Jamesj and ScottyB

More later.

Great weekend.  Snowy Luau is a blast.

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Great pix as always Jim. I'm continually amazed at how quick you can dig out the camera and get a great shot.


It wasn't captured on film (cuz the rest of us suck at taking decent pix), but the two generations of the K family can really rock the bumps. Vince is the smoothest skier I've seen in a long time in the bumps and he carves and accepts speed with the best. Way better than me. And JamesJ rips some pretty impressive zipper lines in the bumps. I think he had the run of the weekend on Friday under the Thunder lift. Mach zipper line bumps, with John L behind struggling to keep up.


The trees on Friday were pretty much "good for you" snow. Really, really tricky, but had to take JamesJ on a bit of a tour before the snow turned into total mank.


We lucked out with only two brief periods of rain on Saturday. Late Friday and most of Saturday had pretty soft snow, and the mogul runs were pretty nice.


Here's a rough list (hope I didn't forget anyone) of those who attended this past weekend (Epic and DCSki handles interchanged and possibly mangled):



JamesJ (and daughter)



The Colonel




Memphit Blue



Along with a bunch of T-Line locals and DC ski posters who we saw, but didn't ski with.

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This is Vic the Canaan Valley, WV photographer in action


Friend of DCSki


JohnL in the glades





JohnL and ScottyB, Scotty gets extra gnar points for bringing the Hawaiian Lei into (and out of) the woods


Jimmy Almost Heaven

Jimmy on edge

SCWVA, The Colonel, Scotty, Charlie

Charlie and Scotty in waterproof mode

Charlie looks like the witch doctor of Timberline

Batman likes Snowy Luau

Scotty, Vince and the pig roast

Typical guest attire at Timberline's super fun Snowy Luau spring skiing party weekend

Suzy makes an appearance with The Colonel

Saturday Night Hula Dancers performance in the Timberline Lodge

The crowd joins the fun

Special guest performer, photo resized and fuzzed out to protect the innocent.

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Re last pic. No frigging way! You rock man.
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I'm not sure which takes more guts - the act or posting the picture of it. :-)
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What happens at Snowy Luau doesnt always stay at Snowy Luau?
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It looks like a fun time was had by all especially that last hula dancer. I'm going to ask nolo to make that the photo of the day. biggrin.gif 


I hear that Tucker County schools were closed today. That should mean some great spring skiing still to be had. Maybe I can squeeze a day in next week.


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Maybe I can squeeze a day in next week.


If you do head down to the Valley mid-week (vs BK/SS/HV), better verify that T-Line is open that day. Good chance that they may shut down a few days mid-week (likely starting next week.) Not a lot of mid-week skier traffic in late March. Per their web site and the rumor mill, closing weekend still TBD.

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