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Help with New Ski

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Need some help with new skis or second pair. About me; 43yo in good shape, 5ft7.5inches tall, about 175lbs. I have been skiing for 6 seasons now, live in the Seattle area and ski crystal as well as an annual trip or two to Big Sky. Get out 10-20 times depending on the year and number of trips we take as a family. I would say I am a stronger (advanced intermediate skier) trying to keep progressing with my skills. I like to ski fast and finally last spring figured out the exhileration of the turn – I finally got that feel of the ski pushing me into the next turn. I take a few private lessons each year to try and keep working on my technique.  So I am now starting to venture off into the bumps and starting to also hit some of the powder as well, so I end up in a the chopped up bumpy crud alot more now. Currently ski the Blizzard 7.6magnum and feel like it is a good ski but am looking for something that can handle the chopped up stuff, bumps and maybe up to 2 ft of powder better and can be a better ski to take with me out to Big Sky.


Was considering the Kastle FX 94, BMX 98 or maybe Line Prophet 90 or something similar in the 166-168cm range.. I am not able to demo the Kastle skis here at my local shops and was hoping to pick something up for the end of the spring season to play with.  Was wondering if I can get some feedback on these skis and if they are good for my level and what I am looking for. I don’t want to pick up ski that is “too much” ski for me at this time as I want to keep advancing.  Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

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i have the 90's. Love but you may wanna demo the flights. Same ski but without the metal layer. The Kastle's look cool but I haven't demoed. The prophet 90 is awesome but the line flights may be a bit easier in the bumps. The other ski that gets great ratings are the bonafides. Demo a bunch of stuff. The prophets weren't on my radar screen until a buddy had me demo them. good luck.
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