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Made in the USA?

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Are there any bike accessories (bags, tools, pumps) that are made in the USA and not China? Thanks...

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my hitch rack is made in Wisconsin
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Lone Peak bags are made in Salt Lake City.


Pika Packworks' travel cases are also made in SLC.


Otherwise, there is a lot of cycling gear that's made in Europe: Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, the UK, Bulgaria, et al. It'll cost you a pretty penny, though, given the terrible U.S. Dollar:Euro exchange rate.

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1UPUSA makes the best bike rack you will ever see, and it is made in the USA.  It is the fastest to put on a hitch, the fastest to take off a hitch, and the fastest to put on and take off a bike.  Expensive but outstanding in every respect.  You can even put carbon frames on it without worry, since only the tires are touched.  As most people here know, I am not a big fan of anything just because it is 100% made in the USA since foreign goods keep our inflation low.  Regardless, this rack is too cool and is 100% USA made.  Below is a YouTube video I found of some guy who deoms the rack. My experience is the same, but with three bikes.


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except that he makes a stupid comment about accessing his trunk.


of course the  bike is in the way... nothing is stopping him from reaching in, from in between the bike & the trunk (hatch)

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Rol wheels are made in Austin, TX and Rolf Prima wheels are made in Eugene, OR.

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Originally Posted by songfta View Post

 It'll cost you a pretty penny, though, given the terrible U.S. Dollar:Euro exchange rate.

Actually the US exchange rate is averaging to a 5yr low ... just I believe the overall labor rate is higher, so overall a higher cost.


One can do some simple google searches for "made in USA bike parts" or similar and find stuff or go to some big box websites and search for "made in USA", did this at Performance Bikes and it pulled up hundreds of items, random check showed many were "made in USA" .. however many didn't specify ..


might be able to do a COO search (Country Of Origin) too


What ya seeking?  general question or are you pursuing something specific?

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