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Skis for my brother

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I am looking for skis to get my brother to demo. He is 5 foot 7 and 120 lbs. He skis of piste   and bumps mostly. When he goes down groomers he barely turns and tries to stay off of groomers as much as possible. I am thinking he needs something fairly wide with a good amount of rocker  because he does not need much hardback performance and something forgiving because of his weight and for bumps. I am looking for something on the cheaper side because we don't know when he will stop growing. I am looking at:


Blizzard Bushwacker 

Atomic Theory

Atomic access

Nordica steadfast 

Volkl Bridge (to stiff?)

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From what I've read on this forum, the Steadfast also seems a bit stiff, maybe (haven't skied the myself, though). Also, they have fine frontside performance, so I don't know if they meet your off-piste wishes as well.

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You are right it probably is to stiff. I don't know many soft skis because when I was in the market for new skis I was looking of frontside performance more than off-piste.

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You might also want to consider the Salomon Rocker2 90(90mm).  The Aotmic Theory as well as the Atomic Panic are also good options.

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well how about the line blend or nordica soul rider or armada arv

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I am a shorter, lighter skier and have been having alot of fun on the Nordica El paco. It seems to do everything well and can be skied easy or hard. It is very light, responsive and lively, yet has a unique dampness to it and can handle speed (moderate like 40mph'sh so far) and variable terrain well.


Also you mentioned the Bushwacker, I like that ski alot too.


Welcome to epicski also by the way.

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Rmu apostle is sweet
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What is the difference between the salmon rocker 2 90 and the 92 besides the twin tip.

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