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Review: 2014 Nordica Wildfire

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2014 Nordica WIldfire


Initial impressions: The Wildfire is a new addition to the women's line up for Nordica, and sister to the men's Vagabond.  While the Wildfire has two bands of I-Core and is 25% lighter than the Vagabond, she is ready to stand up to her brother.

The Wildfire has tip and tail rocker, with camber under foot which is hard to find in other skis in this class.  Nordica has also followed through with proportional progression in dimensions as the lengths change, to optimize the flex, and allow the skis to perform the same for the proportionate sized skier. (161 & 169 = 135-105-123, 17.5 TR & 20 TR respectively.  177 = 137-107-125, 22.5M)




On the Snow: Let me start by saying that I'd normally pick a ski in the 169 length but since it was unavailable I took out the 177.  I was fortunate enough to ski this ski in a variety of conditions from firm snow at Winter Park, to soft stashes at Mammoth and spring varieties at Alpine Meadows to put it through its paces in moguls, steeps and low angle trees.   The light weight construction of the Wi-Core offered up a super nimble feel that quickly made me forget that this was a 177.  As I entered a mogul section the ski just powered through and made me feel like I was in control of every move, charged through the spring glop, and while I expect to struggle with a ski this size when its time to hit the groomers on the way back to home base, the Wildfire engaged nicely and made tracks that put a huge grin on my face.



In Conclusion:  As ski construction evolves I'm continually impressed with how versatile skis have become, but this series from Nordica and specifically the Wildfire has earned a spot at the top of the class.



Other Skis in Class:

Volkl Kiku

Blizzard Dakota

Atomic Millenium


Product: 2014 Nordica Wildfire
Length Tested: 177 CM
Dimensions/Turn Radius: 137-107-125, 22.5M
Camber : Camber with Tip/Tail Rocker
Binding: Salomon Sth2
Mount point: Suggested Boot Center
Environment & Conditions:
Location of Test: Winter Park, Mammoth, Alpine Meadows
Number of Runs: Multiple
Snow Conditions: Firm, chalky groomers, spring yuck
Demo or Own:
Tester Info:
Username: Trekchick
Age: 46
Height/Weight: 5'6" 130 lbs
Ski Days/Season:80+
Years Skiing:27
Aggressiveness:Finesse skier with a sense of adventure
Current Quiver:  Blizzard Samba 166cm, Blizzard Dakota 170cm, Nordica Wildfire 177cm
Home Area: Northstar and Squaw
Preferred Terrain: Trees, moguls, and the occasional groomer

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And here's my review . . .


Length/size Tested: 177

Dimensions:  137 /  107  /125, 22.5M

Camber: Camber with tip/tail rocker

Binding: Demo

Mount point: Suggested boot center


Environment and Conditions:

Location of review: Alpine Meadows

Runs taken: Multiple

Snow Conditions: Refrozen mashed potatoes, chalky groomers, mashed potatoes

Demo or Own: Demo



Overall, I found this ski to be incredibly versatile. I was surprised that a ski that is 107 underfoot would hold an edge as well as the Wildfire did. I started off the morning on a groomer (I always like to warm up on a groomer, especially when on a new ski) - the thaw and freeze cycle left some "nice" coral to test out the ski's chops. The Wildfire held its edge and I was able to carve on the crud with a surprising amount of ease (possibly due to the camber underfoot?). As the day warmed up, the ski continued to perform well on both chalky snow and mashed potatoes. The rocker in the tip helped the ski to cut through the crud and made skiing the spring slush incredibly enjoyable.



Throughout the day, I took the ski off-piste. The Wildfire is incredibly lightweight and nimble. It was responsive as I negotiated my way through the trees and moguls, and I never felt like I was overpowering it. The only negative thing I can think to say about this ski is that it does a number of things very well, but does not seem to specialize in any one thing. As many all-mountain skis are, it is a jack (jill?) of all trades, and possibly a master of none. That said, I enjoyed my time on this ski tremendously. If I lived near big mountains and were looking for a one-ski quiver, the Wildfire would definitely make my short list.


Other skis in class:

Völkl Kiku

Blizzard Dakota

Atomic Millenium


Tester Info:

Username: DSloan

Age: 32

Height/Weight: 5'9"/155lbs

Average days on the snow: 20

Years skiing: 10


Current Quiver:

Völkl Mantra 170cm

Kästle FX84 176cm

Blizzard Bushwacker 173cm

Blizzard Crush 177cm


Aggressiveness: Moderate to Aggressive (moderate who wants to be aggressive??)

Preferred Terrain: Off-piste with a groomer here and there to boost my ego biggrin.gif


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