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K2 Escape 5500 (with brief Volkl sidebar)

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Ski Make: K2
Ski Model: Escape 5500
Ski Length: 174cm
Snow Conditions Used In: hardpack, loose granular
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: level 6
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 10+
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 10
Other Skis You Like: K2 Comp 610
Your Height/Weight: 5'10" 161lbs.

Demoed these at Cannon on 12/24 after a bad experience the previous week with my Volant Z's (195cm) - my only prior reference for shaped skis was some K2 Twos in 178cm. These seem to be a pretty versatile ski as the pro reviews indicate. Edge hold was better than I expected. When they did break loose on the real boilerplate they did so in a predictable manner, very easy to set up a controlled sideslip or short braking turns. I was able to ski terrain that I could not have managed on my old long boards - perhaps not always in style, but always safely and in control. They also cut pretty well though the afternoon junk piles, I didn't get bounced around or deflected. The only negative I can find (and I think it isn't really a fault, just the nature of the beast) was in longer, faster arcs... I would have liked a little more beef and perhaps a slightly longer radius, these were only 17m. Overall they were excellent for where I am at right now, but I never felt *inspired* to reach for that next level.

Later in the day I accidentally took a few runs on some Carver V4 Motions in 177cm (I had been meaning to try V3's) - these were a bit much for me, I could really feel the tail in short turns and on steep pitches. Super-stable in long arcs but perhaps too much so, a few times I felt kind of locked into the turn shape I was in. Probably a very nice ski in 170cm. What would be K2's correlate to the V4 - Axis XR? If so, then I think I should stay with 174cm and look at the Axis no-X or perhaps X.

TIA for any thoughts, and, Happy Holidays [img]smile.gif[/img]

Steve L.

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Average ability, 5'8", 150 pounds. The K2 rep put me on the K2 Axis XR in 167 cm. I found it very short turny on the "wet snowball" snow. I took the skis back and asked if I should be on a longer size in that model, because they seemed awful short turny, and he said no, that was as long as I should go. Wouldn't buy the XR for myself.

Tried the K2 Axis XP in 167 - really enjoy that! These smoothed out the ride and ecouraged confidence. Not quick edge to edge, and not best at short turns [but can do when when required], but feel like a cross between an Abrams tank and a Cadillac. Would not mind owning these.

I agree with your assessment of the 5500 - really a very nice ski, best for me in 174 at least, wouldn't go shorter. Not inspiring, but easy and more than sufficient for most skiers and most skiing. Not as high performance limits as the XP, which for me would be limitless.

I have owned and skied the Axis no X in 174 and then 167 - liked both a lot, and frankly wish I'd kept the 174. Smooth, easy and forgiving, will go through anything.

The only one of these I would have even considered swapping for my Rossigonl Bandit XX's was the K2 XP - but the XX is the more versatile. If I skied open country in the west, though, the XP might tempt me quite a lot. As it is, they're tempting me right now! But I wouldn't part with my XX's.

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Oboe, thanks for the feedback. Turns out Pat's Peak (near me) has Rossi & Volkl demos... maybe I'll have to try one of your Bandits on for size, although it seems they never do go on sale
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Ho ho, stevorino! I bought mine on Ebay for $350 new in the plastic - so THERE! Yuh gotta look.

Remember, if you demo, it's the Rossi Bandit XX -length matters, and for you that means from 170 to 177. Also, try the RPM 21, which is the XX with a plate.
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Oboe, I'm all over the eBay thing... I just need to demo a few more types (mid-fat, all-mountain slalom) so as to be more sure what I'm looking for.
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