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Park City April 6 - 11

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A college buddy and I are going to Park City/Salt Lake area from April 6 - 11. Any suggestions for lodging in the area? Nothing upscale, just some place decent, clean, cable tv, wi-fi. Not sure which areas we/re going to ski; Park City, Deer Valley, The Canyons, Alta, Snowbird. Any suggestions are appreciated.





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I have stayed at the Studio 6 in the Ft Union area. Convenient to BCC & LCC, a bit less so to PC. Has  Kitchenette if you want to cook.

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Honestly check vrbo i stayed across the street from pcmr in a 1bdrm, 3 nights no cleaning fees, 475 out the door.. Im sure some good deals that late in the season can be had staying close to all 3 mtns

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Thanks for the info.

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Thanks for the info.

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I'll repeat again: stay away from Park City in April.  It's low, east facing and chronically sloppy in warm weather mid-March and later.  Snowfall this year is only 80% of normal, so some rocks may come out too.  Do not consider skiing anywhere in Utah other than AltaBird this April, other than immediately after a huge dump.  And as everyone knows, that dump is more often than not going to be more at AltaBird than the other places.

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Today in PC: Rain turning to snow.
Cottonwoods: snow
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