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re// Does anyone buy boots online

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    Had to start a new thread because in this forum I can't reply to existing threads[ thats fine]

   What a bunch of jerky answers to a simple question. I'm sure you guys are great boot fitters, but maybe thats not the case where the original poster lives. Is a little advice going to kill you,with the caveat your taking a chance ordering online.

     This advice comes from 20+ years PSIA level 3 and 25+ years as a Nastar Pacesetter

 Identify your foot type ie wide narrow med. look at boots that have widths in your parameters 99mm generally equals narrow

      Ask some of the guys in the Park what they like and why, I've talked to them on chair rides, they're not just all guys that are dressed funny catching big air :) might even be able to steer you toward a shop.

     Ski magazine tests boots every year and does a good job describing fit, check into it.

   Above all else if the shop you deal with cops an attitude, find a new shop

   Fully prepared to catch grieve on this,also I realize peoples tolerances are thin toward the end of the season.

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I thought I was being helpful, and honest.

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Originally Posted by paulski View Post

I thought I was being helpful, and honest.

  You where, sorry for the blanket statement.  I'm sure the other guys are good at there trade, maybe just had an off day. I would say you built your image up with being helpful, again I shouldn't have come off meaning it about everyone, nor even all the comments made by anyone. Having worked at ski area's for a long time I've directed people toward local shops with advice on what to purchase based on seeing them ski, if I get the chance I'd ask them how it went, guess what the guys that talked down to them lost sales. I think thats what also prompted this thread.

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not sure they were having a bad day, the idea of this forum was that the boot fitters could help people with specific boot and alignment issues without some of the normal white noise which you get on a web forum, for the most part it works very well indeed


problem... poster wants to buy a boot on line and wants to know what will work...simple answer WE DON'T KNOW we cannot see his foot so whatever advice is give is at best a guess, and if it all goes wrong does the poster want to blame the fitter on here for the advice


you say learn your foot type, well most ski instructors i know don't know their foot type let alone what size of boot they should be in, there is only so much info that can be given out on a web forum, a boot fitter works from their experience and looking at and feeling the motions of the foot, without that key element (the foot in front of you) it cannot be done


i would like nothing more than all shops to offer the level of service that is offered by the fitters on here but it simply won't happen, not while store owners don't want to invest in their staff and are interested in the quick sale.


maybe the instructions at the top of the forum should be clearer, stating DO NOT ask what boot i should buy on line, but for the most part people don't ask this question

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