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2003 Salomon Equipe GS Race Stock

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Ski Make: Salomon
Ski Model: Equipe GS Race Stock
Ski Length: 182cm (101-65-88 Radius > 21m)
Snow Conditions Used In: Ice
Number of Days Used: 1 so far
Your Ability: between 9 and 10 - Racer/Expert
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 10
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 60ish
Other Skis You Like: Elan SLX, Rossignol 9S & 9X
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 150lb

Comments: The setup i have on it is the Hangl race plate with an S914 AXE+ bindings ont op of it - putting me up quite high. This ski is amazing. First off i would like to comment on its stability at speed, because that is what i noticed first. It was just plain fast, it was easy to not realize how fast you were actually going on them. They were always smooth, fast, and glued to the snow, no matter how hard you turned them. They also surprisingly had enough pop out of the turns to make shorter turns as well, although slalom turns would take a lot of work on them - but they arent made for those. They were fast edge to edge, and able to turn on a dime - which is good because a ski patroler cut across the hill at me while he was watching another patroler ski and nearly got himself run over, so i deffinitly used the turning on a dime feature. (there were no hard feelings regarding the incident either) Now for the edgehold... supposedly it was icy tonight. It rained last night and froze tonight, so the snow was shiny. the skis never hesitated once on the snow tonight, they had unshakeable edgehold at all speeds - absolutely unshakeable. They will go as fast as you want to go on them. They will roll from turn to turn so effortlessly, that you dont even realize youre going fast. They also make any radius that you need, so when i get late in the gates this year i dont have to panic.

I was worried about the length of the ski at my size but i was able to ski the ski very well. It seemed very easy to bend it into smaller arcs, as long as i stayed focused on the ski. It likes to have a strong pilot on it. If youre not a technically strong skier and an aggressive skier i would not reccommend this ski because you could end up injured by it. I also dont plan on free skiing on it when there are a lot of people around, for their safety and mine. The ski likes a foreward, very wide, angulated stance, where you keep your weight on your outside ski. Also make sure your upperbody is where its supposed to be over your skis and make sure you can feel you pinch (for all racers out there). They take some aggressive skiing, but give back so much. At this point i would classify them as pretty much a course ski, or an empty icy groomer ski. The capabilities of the ski are incredible. I cannot wait to run a course on them. I'll report back sometime next week after i ski on them in gates.



PS. Two weaknesses were found in the ski.
1) It doesnt stop very well, you really have to muscle it to keep it on the snow in a hockey stop. I found it much easier to slide it a little when stopping because it takes too much to stop it on a dime - the edgehold is just too much.
2) They made me not want to stop skiing and i missed dinner at my house. Pack food if youre planning on skiing the ski for the first time.

Oh also the ski patroler was okay, we didnt collide. He was the head patroller on duty and was doing drills with newer patrollers, watching them ski down the hill. He stopped on the side and cut across towards me in the middle - but he was watching them... It could have been a very bad incident for both of us, but both the skis and i were able to tighten up the turn a little bit extra for the sake of the patroler. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

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Sounds liek you've got a good ski there. They definitely sound like a big improvement over my off-the-shelf 2001 2V's. After a full season, I still have not figured out how to successfully ski them. While they take a fair amount of work, they do not give that much in return. They're light, feel flat and are dead slow edge-to-edge. But on the plus side, they're pretty fast, whether I like how they ski or not.

So good luck with those!

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The older model 2V's like a very centered stace, not necessarily foreward of in the back. Also try exagerating your stage 2 in your GS turn. That is the part int he transition that you stand up and engage the other ski for the next turn. If you really power them a lot into the turn they should lock up nicely and quickly, because the tip is smaller than the tail you have to send them into the turn a little bit more aggressively than a ski that has a wider tip that will turn for you. They are a strange feeling ski, but can be made to be fast, just not fast enough. I'd like a chance to compare this years shelf ski to my ski, just to see if they have anything in common at all. My new ski is nothing like the skis i had last year - 172cm 2V - shelf model.
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