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Please Recommend All-Mountain skis for 6"0' 250lbs Skier

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I'm 6' 0", 250lbs and looking for some skis that will allow me to ski backwards/forwards and all over the mountain here in the East.


I actually only began skiing very recently (February 28th 2012 to be exact) but am addicted to skiing now and have probably hit the slopes close to 20 times since then on various mountains and terrain. I have pushed my self to my limit each day and am able to hit most park jumps I've come across. I am able to do double black diamond groomers as long as they don't have moguls, am able to ski black diamond groomers with moguls (although with some difficulty), and I dominate blue moguls and glades.


I am improving rapidly and want a pair of skis that will do it all. That will help me perform on all the big park jumps (i don't care for rails and etc just yet), ski great backwards and forwards, do well on advanced moguls and glades and etc. It should be able to support my heavy landings when doing the park. It should be good enough on hard pack for the days I ski in icy Pennsylvania/New York. Since I live in the east powder definitely isn't very common, but I travel often and being able to float okay on powder when I travel to Vermont or Lake Tahoe is a necessity.


I'd break down my weekly ski activity as this: 33% park, 33% groomers, 33% glades and off trail.

I've been told by one expert that no matter what ski I choose that it should be 180ish" length and super stiff since my weight will easily allow me to bend the ski to turn it.


Does such a ski exist for a heavy/relatively tall guy like myself?


Please help! Cold hard facts and opinions are welcome!

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My first post - lurking for a few days...


I'm the exact same height and weight as you, but skiing for a bit longer (30+ years). Not a fan of parks, but enjoying everything else. This year I got a pair of Atomic Blackeye Ti 180cm for our eastern slopes, and they fit my frame perfect - I got them in some crud, groomers and a bit of ice (Hunter Mtn) and they were perfect. I cannot speak for park jumps... I would be surprised if you'll find a ski that will be excellent in all conditions you listed. Paid $420, new.


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Im a little taller and a little lighter than you are at 6'2" - 220 lbs.


My daily driver for the last few seasons has been the Moment Tahoe 188 from 2010. (Last year the ski was traditional camber). I would reccomend you take a look at it. It is one of the best all round skis I have ever been on. I think it would fit your needs pretty well. Twin tip, all mountain ski with 96mm in the waist.


The only gripe I have with it is that I think it could be a bit stiffer. We are on the heavy end of skiers, and for me at least, I like a powerful ski. These get the job done and are super playful due to the flex, but I like a little more power than what they currently have. Hasnt stopped me from getting close to 80 days on them though.


Food for thought.

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Volkl Kendo or Mantras work for me at 6'2" and 235lb. I have the Kendos mounted with telemark bindings and Mantras with alpine.

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