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Hi there,

Skiing in Norway roughly 40 days pr season (Dec-Apr). Consider myself as an advanced skiier, but have mainly done the groomed runs. Are now looking for new challenges and are especially keen on off pist/powder snow (not forest), next to- and a bit off the groomed runs. Tried a pair of Nordica Hell & Back last weekend, and I really liked them, but I havn't got the technic for off-piste yet, so I discovered that the advantages was first of all on hard/icy snow in the groomed runs.

I'm roughly 180 cm and 100kg. Is Volkl Mantra similar to Nordica and perheps a bette choice for me (when I'm that heavy)? Or should I look for something completely different and even go for a wider ski? Happy for any suggestions. I have and old pair of Fischer Viron 2.2 and will still have them available, but are now looking for a new pair of skies - I the beginning 50/50 groomed runs/off-piste, and after some experience, hopefully 20/80 groomed runs/off-piste. Thanx.