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Next Generation Bearcubs

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Crgildart sent me this photo of his progeny sporting the EpicSki cap. 



I have done my part. This child of mine can not only dig herself out of a big hole, she got a job as a coach for the Little Grizzlies at Snowbowl this year. 




What contribution(s) have you made to assure the future of EpicSki?

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Got this covered. Next gen, but no longer a cub:


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A couple happy ski nut parents (different families) with tween girls at the top of Massanutten.  Helps to have an indoor water park for apres ski. biggrin.gif

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Wow, youre Glen Plakes dad? Impressive work.
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Our son: from a few years ago -- waxing skis at age 1, then again at age 8 (both times in pajamas).


Age 1


Age 14 (now) in the green helmet helping his cousins learn.

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LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01


Taken five years ago at Alta, when the kid was nine. 

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Our younger daughter, Daria, then:





And now:



Our older daughter, Meryl, gave up skiing years ago --  she did not really like the cold weather.  Her current passion is CrossFit and volleyball.  her last pair of ski boots sit in my office closet, ever hopeful...

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Got my friend and her kids started this winter.  That's her 6yo son right behind his ski school instructor.  It was his second day on skis.  Picked skiing up really fast since he's been playing ice hockey for a while.  Other pic is mom and daughter during their second ski weekend.  It was in the 20's but they were still game.  Mom lucked out because I had extra ski clothing that fit her.





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Third generation skier taken 3 years ago as a Senior in High School



I am proud to say that he not only still competes but is giving back to the sport as an instructor and race coach. I only wish I had a picture of his grandfather on skis.



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