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I'm hoping to hear from people who have their binding mounted close to the center of their skis. Every time I buy a new pair of skis I've been moving my bindings a little more forward, until at this point the boot mark is 2.5 cm behind CRS and 4 cm in front of the standard "recommend" mark (and 2 cm ahead of the "Modern" mark). This particular pair of new skis is just the next year's model of a pair I've been skiing on so I was confident that I could move them forward that much and would like them (I felt that I still had too much tip). I've very happy with how they ski now. 

My question is if you have your bindings mounted at true center how do you like it? I've read a lot about mounting and some writers say that if you center mount the skis will handle funny because you have too much tail. I guess it skids the tails too much.  If you are a park skier with bindings mounted center and use the same skis for all mountain how do they handle? Have you had any problems?


Thanks in advance.