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Hi all,


I've not owned a pair of skis in bloody ages but have been a regular skier for 20+ years. My youngest kid is now old enough that we'll be doing proper family ski trips a couple of times a year so I've decided to pull the trigger and buy myself some skis again. I'm just having some trouble choosing, here's my situation:


2x/season I'm probably going to do a 1-2 week holiday, one in colorado and one in zermatt/similar. These holidays will be with the family and as such while helping the kids will mostly be on piste beginner/intermediates with me escaping to do some proper runs for a couple of hours a day.


2-3x/season I'm liable to go off skiing with mates to a variety of european resorts. Perhaps 70% of our time is spent on piste at a variety of more challenging intermediate and expert runs, with the remaining 30% of the time looking for powder.


I'm a decent skier, wouldn't classify myself as an expert necessarily but I have little trouble doing expert runs at a decent speed.


So here's my problem, for the next few years at least, my skiing is going to be a big mix of beginner, intermediate and expert runs with some occasional off piste fun. I'm a big guy at 6'4 and 240#. I don't want to have multiple skis so I'm looking for a solid one ski that's good all round. Inclination is putting me towards a pair of Kastle MX88's. I'd normally ski something slightly longer than a 178 but the advice I've been getting says that the MX88 ski's longer than it is anyway. I want to have fun on piste going fast but also want something for powder. My concern is the beginner slopes with the kids. I'm also worried that the MX88's may not be as good on piste for the expert runs as a pair of carvers like the K2 AMP Bolt's which I also like the look of although I understand they are useless off piste.


So, ultimately what I'm looking for is some advice on the MX88's for their on piste credentials even when on easy slopes with the kids. Any advice much appreciated!