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Mid foot stretch pain

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My boot fitter fitted me with an Aline footbed, with an edge heel that help with my right leg' knock knee,

but recently I found that I always have a overstretched pain right in the center of my foot, more the pain, the longer I drive to get to the hill.

Stretching help migrate the pain, but after I take off my boots and touch my mid foot, it will hurt...


Anyone know what causes it? should I just get a custom footbed that help fix my knock knee? if so? should I go for superfeet? or conformable.


and one off topic, any good way to get rid of the smell of the liner? I changed to intuition liner recently, its great and warm, but it stick like hell after I take off the boots..... :)

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All boots leak some water and it is necessary to dry the boots out  immediately after use or they become seething cesspools of offending orders, deadly bacteria and extra charges by bootfitters who must put their hands into them.  When you are finished each day pull the liners out and let the shells and liners dry separately until everything (especially shells) are completely dry.   Febreze will help kill current odor.


The difference in custom footbeds is irrelevant in most cases.  What is relevant is the person making them and you should spend some time if possible selecting the fitter.  Can't tell what is wrong with your current non-custom footbeds but it is possible there is too much arch support.



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thx Rou

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