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Binding Help Please

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I'm looking for some bindings for a pair of skis my daughter recently acquired.  She's 5'2" 102#, an advancing intermediate skier, BSL is 266mm.  According to the DIN chart her DIN is 3.5.  Her sister (who is 5'4", 118# and BSL 299mm) offered a spare pair of DIN 3.5-11 bindings, that she was ready to have mounted.  I asked her to wait; because she was so close to the low end end of the DIN range, I was concerned that this might present a safety issue.  However, it seems that adult bindings generally have a low DIN of 3.  She would be closer to the middle of the DIN range of junior bindings, but I presume these would be incompatible with her adult boots.  Should I just go ahead and have her mount the DIN 3.5-11 bindings, would she be better off with DIN 3-10 bindings, or is the difference insignificant?  Thanks. 

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With a BSL of 266 she can really run both an adult or a Jr binding. The Marker Free 10 or squire would work well along with Look Nova 9.

The Nova 9 starts at a 2 to 9 putting her in the safe range for both ends of the DIN range. My best option for the light skier with that small foot would be the Nova 9 by look. 

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