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Hi everyone,


I am a level 7 skier from Europe, 10 yrs experience, looking to buy skis in 96-105 mm range. While doing my research, I stumbled upon a local reseller who still carries new Kastles MX98 from 2010 and 2011 (as I understand, the 2010 skis with square tail are the 1st gen, and they are generally stiffer and more demanding than 2nd gen with round tail, which followed in 2011).


The skis (+Marker bindings) are priced at $800 and $600 respectively, which is only slightly less than 2013 stuff from Kastle - e.g., the local deal on MX88 is $900 after late season rebates. While I have read a lot of generally positive reviews about both Kastles, I am not sure whether 4-year old gear at the mentioned price is a good investment compared to available 2013 alternatives from other manufacturers:


- Fischer Watea 96 or Big Stix 98 ($ 500-550 range, unmounted)

- Blizzard Bonafide ($720 unmounted)

- Blizzard Kabookie ($650 unmounted)

- Rossi S3 ($580 mounted)

- 4FRNT Cody ($550 unmounted).


A word of advice would therefore be much appreciated.