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Mid-April Northeast Skiing

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My kids' April vacation is in mid-April and we are looking for a place to ski.  We know that the conditions could be a crapshoot, but we are trying to at least identify the best option.  We were thinking of Jay Peak since it also has the water park and is so far north.  They have received a lot of snow this year and I am hopeful they get one or two more blasts.  I used to go to Sugarloaf with my father when I was a kid, and I loved it.  But that is a solid 7-8 hour drive from where we are in CT.  Jay is not much better, but it is under 6 hours.

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Jay and Sugarloaf are two good candidates for late skiing in the East. Also, perhaps Sugarbush/Stowe area. Maybe Killington (purportedly looking to stay open later this year). I had an outstanding April ski trip to Quebec (MSA and Le Massif) a few years ago. Since there will be little demand for lodging you could probably decide a few days before your departure if you can remain flexible. Mid-April is really pushing it though, many places will closed by then whether there is snow or not. Keep checking here and make your choice based on best conditions at that time. Here is a recent thread of possible interest: http://www.epicski.com/t/118700/first-week-april-at-stowe
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Thanks.  I check Jay Peak weather every day.  Yesterday was brutal as it was warm and rained a lot.  But the 10-day forecast shows just one day cracking freezing.

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