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This thread is to organize our social outings during the Gathering. Let's make some nominations and decide what we will be doing and I will make the necessary reservations.


Sunday, March 24 -- Meet & Eat Pizza at my house after skiing -- 4:30 p.m. until ?


Monday, March 25 -- OPEN FOR NOMINATIONS


Tuesday, March 26 -- OPEN FOR NOMINATIONS


Wednesday, March 27 -- OPEN FOR NOMINATIONS


Thursday, March 28 -- I nominate Buck's T-4 for dinner, do I have a second? 

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For March 25, are you thinking Bozeman or Big Sky?  Or two options, one in each place?

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I am going to be moving to a room at the Huntley Lodge at Big Sky after skiing on the 25th, so I was thinking Big Sky. Maybe we should have a night on your own with recommendations from the locals for where to go.


In Bozeman, my favorite restaurant is Sweet Chili on Main Street, which is Asian fare. Those who are looking for a Montana steakhouse might want to try Ted's on Main Street -- I believe the Mint in Belgrade, a favorite of many Bears, is closed on Mondays. 

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The First Place gets good reviews on Trip Advisor. 


For lunch, the Shedhorn Grill gets the nod. The Cabin is good for lunch and dinner. 


For apres-ski, Scissorbill's is said to have good Margaritas and the food isn't bad. 


Buck's T-4 consistently gets culinary kudos and specializes in wild game. 


Any other recommendations from the locals and frequent visitors?

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I'll second Bucks on Thursday since 3 of us are staying there.


Need to consult with my two car mates, but Monday is a travel day to Big Sky from BZN, so we may want to keep that nite a bit low key.


Leave plenty of time for happy hour. biggrin.gif

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Only related to Big Sky...


I nominate the Black Bear Bar and Grill for apres ski and/or (cheap) dinner. It is near the Hill Condos in the mountain area.  If you are looking for sophistication...this is not the place (but hey...this is Montana).  My son and I spent a week at the Hill condos late March last year and walked to the bar several nights.  A couple of pool tables, some ratty couches, even one of the old M&M gondola cars from days gone by.  Food was decent for the offerings (pulled pork, pizza, etc.).  I think it would make a great casual gathering place and suspect they may even offer up some food specials if the group went there.


For a more plush environment for a drink or two after skiing, the Jack Creek Bar at the Moonlight Lodge is very nice.  If skiing Big Sky you can still get there since two lifts are shared by BS and MLB (Pony and Iron Horse).  However, if you are skiing BS but want to hit the MLB bar at day end you would want to park at the Moonlight Lodge since you would be trapped there when the lifts shut down (unless doing the shuttle).


I haven't been to Scissorbills for a few years but used to enjoy their happy hours - so that sounds good as well.


(I should be working on my taxes instead of obessing over my next B.S. trip....)

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The Cabin is a great choice for lunch at Big Sky if on Andesite or the lower mountain since it's ski in/out off a groomer (steep blue) called Silver Knife.  Was pointed out by the Mountain Host during my tour last year.  Good food.  They can handle a crowd that is willing to take their time for lunch.  Last year my friends and I were there at the same time as a ski club group from Atlanta with 30-40 at lunch.  We were warned it might take a bit longer than usual to get our order, but the wait wasn't unreasonable.

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Nolo, did you say where your house IS? Apologies if I missed it. PM me if that is the better way to go. Thanks.
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PM sent. If anyone else is wondering, just shoot me a note.