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Off Season exercises for Young Racer

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Coaches, Parents, x-Racers - 


I am looking for exercices to implement into my daughter's off-season training program.


I want to keep it fun, so I have come up with a couple games for her to play while training, but was wondering if you guys/gals had any ideas?


She is long and light, and to young for weight training, so we are looking to build strength through the core, balance, and power base through the butt-legs-feet.

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How old? Aside from specifics for the gym, how about a well rounded pallet of 'just good sports'?  Soccer, gymnastics training, rock climbing, etc... that focus on balance, strength, and coordination. 

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She is 8.  Still very young, had multiple Top 5 finishes this year, and has shown a real desire to do what she can to win.  


She also plays soccer in competitive league, will attend multiple soccer camps in the summer, and swims at least 2 times a week, 3-4 times during the summer.


Again, we are trying to keep training fun, but she has asked about training for skiing in the off-season, so I am trying to figure out the balance of fun-effective training.

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Nice on the soccer....  add some gymnastics and/or rock climbing/bouldering. And a slack line in the backyard or at the park

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I would say the key is Any Exercise.

So Anything that she wants to do or can get interested in.    The other sports are a great and I would say that's good enough to just have the athletic sports metrics and goals (win the game, get to the top of the climbing wall), instead of the  arbitrary fitness metrics(lift such and such weight, do  # of exercises, reach this time or weight)


If you are a member of a health club/gym that has extensive classes, go with the random strategy and try all those weird and strange classes  that she has never done before-you may need to check if she can participate and accompany her as a child.   (pilates, yoga, spin class, bosu, zumba, etc,  etc,  most are not weighttraining based, and many will stress core strength/balance).



Only if you really are getting 5+ workouts a week, or are bored plateau-ed, then you need these fine-tune to get to the specificity of targetted workouts.  I suppose then you go do crossfit and are better then us.

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With respect, I can't imagine spin class for an 8 year old. Riding her bike around the neighborhood on the other hand, yes. Kid's need games with very real goals and challenges... the entertainment metric is very different than what yoga, spinning, zumba, etc.. might offer. The other important thing IMHO are activities that she can do with other kids or other kids in close proximity.

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She's 8 so this is a time to have fun, not to train.


You want balance, agility and speed.


Group sports are fun, such as soccer. And sports like mountain biking can be done in groups. Don't forget about the upper body since she'll need strong starts--that's where rock climbing and gymnastics help.

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Our kids at wachusett mt had an absolute BALL with a slackline.  Mount it low and just have her stand on it.  let her use some sticks (like long ski poles or literally sticks) until she gets used to it.  . Very dynamic.  Very fun!

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Biking, hiking, gymnastics, but check out you tube.  There are ski specific exercises if you want to check it out.  I want to get a Bosu for my DD.  Great for core and also fun

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