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X Max 120 versus X3

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I need a new pair of boots.  My Nordica Grand Prix boots finally died after about 13 years of use.  I am accustomed to very stiff boots, but could go with a little more flex, as I enjoy my time in the bumps and trees.  


I tried on a pair of Salomon X Max 120s and they felt GREAT, but I choked on the price.  Question: are any of the 2011-2012 season Salomon boots comparable? It looks like the X3 Lab Soft, the X3 130s or the X3 120s might be similar.  The problem is that whatever I buy, I will need to probably buy it on line and have my local guy fit them, so I will not have the opportunity to try on several pairs and pick the one that fits best.  Or should I just suck it up and pay $$$$ for the X Max's?



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buy the ones that fit you best.  Either order 4 pairs online, and return 3, and pay for any fitting that is needed.  Or buy the best pair that your fitter sells, and usually the fitting is free.


not sure what is better, cheaper, or easier.

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