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Wow, truly amazing!

What a beautiful and inspiring adventure. Thanks for taking the time to post it. You've given many something to aspire to or just enjoy looking at.

Those places are beyond gnar. Just to be able hold your mind together in that situation of immense beauty yet personal terror is very impressive.

Bravo to all.


Couple questions on gear. Sorry they're pretty basic.

* When you're skiing do you not use pole straps? Is it just in avy prone areas or always. What about the hike up?

* Jerome  has very long poles with seemingly no grips. I take it they're for probing? Does he ski with no grip?

* In terms of skis, looks like you're on Kabookies and there's a Cham 97? Do you go longer or shorter than you might at  non mountaineering skiing?

* What type of bindings are you using?

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LOL .... haven't been on Epic ski for sooo long and there ya go .... my new ski suit gets me a thread mention



 .. skinny skis rule ... when ya 19 and just dinking about




Happy skiing happy life


CM rules 


and we all learnt to ski in Australia


SCSA ... where you at old boy !!!

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Simply a great TR!  Thank you for posting it.  Curious as to what Jerome is using for ski poles?

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^ Good lord that was TR - dont know how I missed it in the Spring.
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FWIW Jerome's poles cna be found here:



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What an amazing experience you detailed, thanks for sharing and so very cool that you got to be guided by FanFan (whom I was introduced to by the book "The Edge of Never"). If only you got to meet Anselme Baud also, how special would that have been!

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