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Toe Pain in boots

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I'm a level 7 skier with K2 Mod X and Lange boots. It seems that the toe box in my boots (especially the right) tend to force my little toes to scrunch tightly against the others. This results in pain after a couple of hours or so. Looking for remedies. Any help would be appreciated. I'm from Houston headed to Beaver Creek and if anyone knows a good boot shop that would be helpful.
Thanks, Greg
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The first that I would look at is the type of sock that you are wearing. There is a major difference between the varying weights of socks. I have three varities of the Thro-lo .... ski specific socks but my Langes would only take to the lightweight when new and now the medium since the liners have packed out.

Bought NEW L-10's about an hour ago .. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Since you are going to Beaver Creek, you might want to check out Kenny's Double Diamond ski shop near the Gongola in Vail. I have heard that they are a top notch shop with excellent boot fitters.
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well i sorta had the same problem, cept it was all along the side there on both feet..if you havent done so try to fit your shell. take both liners out and stand evenly in both boots..

upon checking mine, i found that my foot when standing grazed the sides of the shell without the liner in it. so there is basically no room for the liner. other than that my boots fit really well so i got some work done on them. pickin them up tomorrow around 6 so i'm hopin they turned out well.

hope this helps ya..
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