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rossi s86

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So just got back from 7 days at Breck and Vail. My first time on the Rossi s86. Absolutely killer in bumps and great edgehold for carving. I was there for the Blue Sky Basin whiteout and ultimate shutdown. Skiing in the ~6-12 inches of pow was absolutely amazing however I was getting absolutely exhausted. I'm in great shape so I was surprised. Notwithstanding the boot problems that I have now rectified, do you guys think that the smaller underfoot (86 mm) was just too little for the snow and a big factor in my struggles? I've skied in super deep pow but had 110mm on so I could just charge. Devils Crotch at Breck the next day was great but the powder bumps were killing me. I'm trying to reassure myself that it hopefully wasn't my technique. Thanks. 

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If you had a boot issue and have not skied powder since you changed your boot set up It would be interesting to know what the boot issue was and how it was corrected. An 86mm could work well in 6 - 12", though not a powder ski of course, provided everything else was dialed.

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in short my boots are hand-me-downs so they don't fit very well. I was having a little too much shin movement which was causing a lot of calf flex. This is mainly due to the boot tongue being damaged. I stitched in some padding inside the tongue so that I can properly put pressure against my shins. Really helps in the bumps. 

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