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Slalom Racing DVD Lessons ?

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Hello, as my first post want to start by thanking all contributors for the wealth of knowledge generously shared at EpicSki. I am an "old school" skier who went back to the sport after 25 years. Struggled this season with my former "A frame", skidding vs carving, angulation, stance and a million others. After quite a few hours reading technical and non-technical posts and videos in this forum and putting them to practice, I believe I am further away from the way I used to ski my 220's and closer to commanding my 160 parabolics. Though my now expert 13 and 12 year old sons are concerned by the many small kids skiing faster than me, and my many not-so-gentle falls, I am pleased with my progress :)


Question to you all: any suggestion on a good DVD I can watch to learn slalom racing ? I know it will not replace lessons and practice but want to get a head start during off-season. Saw City League teams running for fun with different ski levels so would like to give a Seniors' team a try next season.


Many thanks !

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if you go to , you will find some excellent resources available smile.gif tho no video can replace on hill coaching...

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Yeah, USSA has a great series on tips and tricks for the various race techniques. I don't have the Slalom one, myself, but I do have the GS one and it contains some absolutely incredible information.


I would also recommend the book Ultimate Skiing by Ron LeMaster if you don't have it already. It's not specifically to do with Slalom, but the information in the book will absolutely help you with your Slalom technique.

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