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Yet Another Kastle Choice Question

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There seem to be a lot of these, so sorry for adding yet another one - but you guys answer them so well that spending some serious dough without being able to demo them without seeking a tailored answer from you guys just seems stupid.

So, I'm a reasonably athletic 30 year old, 5 foot 10, 190ish pound advanced and quite aggressive Euro skier, brought up by parents who always believed it was more the skier than the ski. I still believe this, but technology seems to have advanced so far since my mid-1990s $200-when-new embarrassments, that after this season, I _really_ need to get myself some new skis. About 10 hours of reading up, the vast majority of it on threads here (and dawgcatching.com) and I think I've pretty much decided that since skis last me a heck of a long time, I may as well fork over the cash for what seems to be a very top-notch ski.

Currently, I'm about 80 to 90% on piste, about 2/3 of the time in Megeve and nearby places, but am seriously looking to branch out both in terms of where I ski (e.g. US) and the type of skiing I do... say to maybe 60% on piste / 40% off... No snow park/tricks, no racing. Lots of mogels, but I don't bump ski anything like the pros. Touring is definitely in the cards, as a lot of my extended family in Austria swear by it, but I'd be looking at a different ski if I do pick that up. So for now, just a one-ski quiver is what I'm looking for.

Over the past week, I've been basically flipping between Kastle FX94 and MX83... one day deciding on one, the next day the other... the main lines that keep me flipping are both from Dawgcatching's 2013 Kastle lineup review:
For the FX94: "Extremely versatile, with just a little power loss over the MX series (from the lineup overview)"and basically everything discussing the ski itself. The length comment in soft snow I'm not too worried about.
For the MX83... well, that review is unparalleled. Also, seeing as I'm not a mainly off-piste skier, it might just be a more appropriate ski. Hm... I do prefer the black though... wink.gif

Considering what I'm on now, I understand that pretty much anything reasonable will be an eye-opener... and I had, previous to finding dawgcatcher's reviews, been looking at the Volkl RTM 80. That is a weird shape though... I also know that this will almost certainly depend on the exact mix of what I plan to do in the future, which is unforseeable... but either Kastle would be excellent in any case. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

It used to say "virtually no racing"... no formal racing at all, which i think is clearer
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What about the MX88?  A little less aggressive tip and tail than the MX83, still a better carver and groomer ski than the 94.  A great mix of the 2 skis. The FX94 is solid, but not spectacular, on groomers: it is really meant to go off-piste. The MX83 is a ripper on groomers, there is nothing better, and excellent in easier snow off-piste, but can be a touch challenging in the wrong conditions.  The MX88 slides right in between: still has tons of power and fun on groomers, but a bit easier pilot in difficult snow.  


Plus, you are exactly the right size for an MX88: 178cm would fit you like a glove.  The only reason I lean toward the FX94 is because I ski mostly off-piste, and if I am on groomers, I have a zippy groomer ski like the RX12. If I was to buy one ski, and was skiing groomers at least a decent portion of my time, the MX88 would be the go-to one ski quiver. 

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Thanks, Dawgcatching.... I think I was fixated on the MX83 because your review was so stellar for it. Though your review of the MX88 isn't exactly middling either redface.gif
I think you've convinced me... now to figure out how to actually get my hands on them smile.gif

(I see you've got them in stock, and with bindings and (relatively) cheap! [sucks to have a customer change his mind last minute!] OTOH, UK customs are notorious about letting packages in without VAT payment.)
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