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Fischer Big Stix 84

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Ski Make: Fischer
Ski Model: Big Stix 84
Ski Length: 180 cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Crud Powder Groomers
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: expert
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 15
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30
Other Skis You Like: Volkl G3
Your Height/Weight: 5'11"/245
Wicked damp and super smooth almost to the point of feeling dead underfoot. You really don't feel any sort of variations in the terrain. On the groomers it has decent edge hold and makes ok turns. Don't even think about the bumps though, its just not designed for it. Take it into the trees and the powder and the ski shines, its got great float and is quick enough to ski even the tightest trees. This ski will absorb just about anything the mountain can throw at it.

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Nice reveiw, The Bigstick 84 was my top choice in a wider Big mountain ski, My 2nd choice was the Atomic R:ex. Where you found the Fischer not vary good in bumps I found them to be ok in that terrain. Ok that is for a wide ski. Of course that could be That I'm in Utah and Your in N.Y.
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I demoed the Big Stix in Steamboat Colorado because I was looking for a ski that I could take out west with me, but wouldn't be useless back East on the hardpack/bumps. I would agree that they are OK in bumps and an all around fantastic ski, but I was looking for something a little bit more versitile, as the Big Stix would probably sit in my garage all but 2 days a year back East. Out east we think of 3-5" as being a sick powder day, at Alta or Steamboat that doesn't even qualify as powder skiing. All things considered the Big Stix was an excellent ski, just a bit overkill for back east.
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did you try the ski one down from the 84 in the Fischer line? The 75? Great edgehold on hard snow and stable at speed. It has a layer of titanium to stiffen it up more than the 84. And it can handle deep snow, crud, etc. It is my everyday all around ski for CO.

I use my Rossi Bandit X for bump days or new light fluff snow, but when things are funkier or above treeline I grab the Fischers.

I do like the 84 a lot. Personally I think it is a better bump ski than the 75 due to lack of metal and more shape.
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Astro what size Fischer 75 are you skiing? I'm still looking for a Fischer shop here so I can demo a few. The 75 sounds like a beefed up Bandit XX I was thinking a shorter 75 might be the ticket for a all Mountain ski
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I demoed the 84 in a 185 a few days ago at Mammoth. Was really great in the pow, great float, could make short or long turns, stable if you wanted to let it run. It really skied nice all over the mountain, on the groomed it felt very stable and damp with good edge hold, it likes longer turns, but can work shorter ones if you want. At first I really liked the 185 I was on, but at the end of the day it seemed like a little too much work on the steeps and in narrower places. I think the 180 would be better for all mountain use, the 185 felt great in deep snow though.
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I've got one for sale. great shape with marker 1300 piston for only $350.
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