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Where Were You For The March 1993 Superstorm?

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It is the 20th Anniversary of the first Superstorm. Didyou see it coming and do the white thing?


I just happened to be one of the lucky ones that saw it coming back on the original Weather Channel and made plans to get out of Dodge and head for the hills.


We packed up the Cherokee for a friday night departure and set our sights for Hunter Mountain, a 200 mile run from south Jersey.

Other friends were to follow us in there rig but opted to come up saturday morning, BIG mistake!


Ahead of the storm we eased into to the old Saugerties Howard Johnson's and made camp for the night. We wake up to a couple inches of fresh, but the storm is still in NJ where our ski buddies are now trapped. DOLT!


By the time we finish breakfast it is now SNOWING. We figure this is going to be a party and not a ski day, and we turned out to be right. Check-in to the Washington Irving Lodge and make plans for lunch at Last Chance Cheese, a good day for fondue.


Buy a bottle of JD for a Superstorm Party with the owners of the lodge. Forecasts are starting to call for 30-40 inches of the white stuff. My wife and I could not be more stoked as the storm is to pass in the night and give way to blue skies.


Help plow the parking lot and circle up the 4X4s with our Cherokee at the point, pointed to the street. Also put some corrugated board over the grill as it was howling full-metal jacket snow. No Pete's Steaks tonight, so we eat at the lodge and have a fine time with a handful of quests, everyone else had cancelled. Go figure.


I know I have some digging to do and our hosts fired-up the kitchen early, so out I go into the white. I know there is a Jeep in this pile of snow somewhere. Dig her out and bust out to the street, prolly 20" in the drive. Eat-up and head to the hill.


Hunter is reporting 38" of POW, my trusty Volkl SLCs are more than a match, my wife loving it as she is only 5'3", it seems like her smile slowly turns to, WOW what a workout.


About 5 or so runs into it I bury a ski and now I'm spending some panicky minutes trying to find it. Even this turns out OK and we finish off the morning skiing sick lines with just a couple of other  'inmates', yup we lost our minds, died and went to heaven. Oh, I almost forgot, we are in the Catskills. SICK!


Unfortunately, we have a drive to get back home, if we can get back home, so we pull out mid-afternoon and begin the next leg of our journey.


It was like the drive in the movie The Day After Tomorrow, cars left stranded on the Thruway and the Parkway, and here is this Jeep Cherokee making it through. It was a real workout for me as the driver, 200 miles of Off-Roading.


Just thought maybe someone else on this planet may have experienced this storm in a similar fashion. So if you have a good story let's hear it.

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My wife and I left for Reno/ Lake Tahoe out of Newark, NJ, on March 12. Ther storm had not yet arrived.  We were offered 2 first class tickets if we would give up our seats and leave on Saturday. We kept our seats and had a great week skiing Tahoe.

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I was in 8th grade and we left Friday afternoon for a trip to Canaan Valley in West Virginia with a group from school.  We were listening to blizzard warnings and other predictions all the way there.  It was starting to snow a little when we arrived that night and by morning there was a good 6-8" of new snow.  We skied whiteout conditions all day but loved it.  Probably only 10-15% of the people in our group braved the wind and snow to ski the deepest day I've ever seen.  Sunday morning arrived and the sun was shining but the lifts weren't turning.  The resort couldn't or wouldn't dig the lifts out of the drifts that had formed.  I've still never heard of another resort closing because of too much snow.

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Originally Posted by cstreu1026 View Post

I've still never heard of another resort closing because of too much snow.

Mt. Baker closed for three days in 1999 to dig out during the record year.  The snow was too high for the chairs to clear the surface in places so they had to dig ditches for them.

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i was a senior in high school in Ct, i remember a couple of feet of snow, it snowed in florida from that storm, snowshoe wv had 4feet from it.

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I was living in Plano Texas in 1993.  I don't recall seeing more than 2" of snow on the ground the entire time i lived there.  I did get away to parts North and West several times to ski, but not those dates.th_dunno-1[1].gif

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That was my first season in Utah. It was like that all winter. If you couldn't ski deep powder ( on skinnies) you didn't ski. I learned quick.
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