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Originally Posted by Brian Lindahl View Post

Anyone know how much the Brahma weighs in a 180?


Doing a little extrapolation, I'm going to say they will be just about 8 pounds a pair.


180 Kabookie = 1843.6 g/ski

180 Bonafide = 1935.2 g/ski

Difference = 91.6 g/ski.  The only difference between the two is the metal matrix.


180 Bushwhacker = 1766.8 g/ski.  Same profile as the Brahma

For the Brahma, add the metal = 1858.4 g/ski = 3716.8 g/pair

Convert to lbs/oz = 8lb 3oz


Since the Brahma has a smaller profile than the Bonafide, it will use less metal.  Dropping 3 oz per pair for the difference doesn't sound unreasonable.  Might even be a touch more.

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Not quite that simple. According to Wasatchback, the Kabookie has an extra layer of fiberglass that the Bushwacker doesn't have (which is why the Kabookie is still a pretty stout ski, unlike the Bushwacker). They may have added that extra layer AND the metal into the Brahma (likely so).

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Originally Posted by Gunnerbob View Post

Would LOVE to hear the comparisons in a full review.  Those are all very popular options for skis, and many people struggle with the differences and pros/cons.

Hey Gunnerbob.  I'll toss in my 2cents on the Bonafide/Brahma question.  I own the Bonafide (180) and demo'd the Brahma (180) last month.  I am closer to your size, but I think that Dawg's review above is pretty on-point.  In general, the Brahma skis like a more narrow Bonafide, for better and for worse.  There are some differences, but the two skis are way more similar than they are different. 


That said, it think that it is fair to say that the Brahma is a bit quicker edge to edge as a result of the narrower waist.  Still, I wouldn't go so far as to say it is a massively better "carver." Once on edge the two skis feel and perform pretty similarly - neither is a true "carver," neither will delight the PSIA-level III crowd on groomers, and I just don't think that Bonafide gives up all that much in this area to the Brahma, assuming you have the weight to bend it. 


The one place where the Brahma is materially better is in the bumps.  While it isn't the greatest mogul ski I've ever been on - it isn't a star in the bumps like The Ski (175) - it is a way better bump ski than the Bonafide.  You can plunge it straight into a bump line and it is more maneuverable and maybe a tad more forgiving than the Bonafide.  My guess is that comes from less width, but I maybe the flex is a little different as well - the tip seemed softer, but I don't know whether that is true.


On the other hand, off piste, I far prefer the Bonafide.  Way more solid at speed in variable junk snow.  First run, groomer off chair one at Alpental to warm up.  It was fine, similar to my Bonafides, quicker, not a life changer.  Then I took the Brahma on top of Alpental early a.m. on a spring day where there was still some re-freeze with ice chunks from the night before - and the Brahma was deflecting like crazy on the super firm stuff.  Now those conditions wouldn't have been epic on anything - but on my Bonafides I would have just stepped on it pushed through.  But once I got the Brahma a bit lower into the Edelweiss area (lower Rollen/Gunmount), where there were firm to softening bumps, it came alive and I liked it.  In the softer off-piste stuff lower mountain, it was fine, but I like my Bonafides better for that.


I really love the Bonafide and the Cochise, so I expected to love the Brahma as well.  And I thought that it was OK.  Good ski.  But not significantly better than the Bonafide for me, for the skiing that I like to do.  Where I think that the Cochise is a very different ski than the Bonafide, overlapping but reasonably different slots in the quiver, I think that the Bonafide and Brahma are either/or (unless you are a dealer or have access to pro forms).  To me, both skis fill the same purpose - all mountain off-piste biased ski, with solid on-piste capability.  I see the Brahma is a good choice for a lighter skier who finds the Bonafide to be too much but likes the Blizzi bull series feel.  Or a skier in a lower snow area, smaller mountain as the off-piste, non-powder day option.  Or the daily driver for a skier who just favors the ~88 width.  But I think that the choice is somewhat binary, both as a quiver ski and as the OSQ.


For me, at my size (5'11", 185#), where I ski (PNW) I prefer the Bonafide and find the Brahma redundant.  It is a good ski, I'd happily borrow it and use it, but I wouldn't buy it.  There really isn't a ski day where I'd vastly prefer the Brahma, and there are a ton of ski days where I would vastly prefer the Bonafide.  To the extent that it hasn't snowed much, we have firm bony conditions or it is going to be a groomer-oriented day, I like the Bonafide fine relative to the Brahma - I don't see the Brahma as offering any huge advantages (aside from relative bump performance).  And if I were going to buy something dedicated for that purpose, or for maching groomers at a resort like Sun Valley, I like some of the more technical skis in the low-mid 80s way better (reviews to follow when I get around to it).


Hope that helps and adds to the discussion a sliver of the non-industry pro, non-pro-cyclist-build data that you are looking for.

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Good points.  I just don't see myself in an 88-ish waisted ski.....too much of a compromise on either end of the spectrum, at least in my opinion for the skiing I tend to do.  So I've gone skinnier and fatter, with a 67mm and a 98mm.  Pure carver, and an all-rounder for what I typically encounter.  I personally agree that a 88 to 98 isn't enough of a jump to really distinguish.  But for someone who wants a 1SQ that's not going to be stepping on the gas all the time, an 88mm ski like the Brahma could work well.  I'd probably go for the Elan Amphibio 88XTi instead, but that's just me.

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Gunnerbob: 88ish skis are great, the Rossignol EX88 is great on groomers and in crud and very decent in 1 1/2 of powder, sure flotation might not be as good as a 98-130 but I didn't have issues at all skiing at Abasin, in fact I bought the ski right a few weeks after demoing it last year.  The Brahma and Rossignol 88 ski "similar" to a race stock GS ski, very fast/stable on hard packed groomers and more forgiving on the knees! :D


I am torn between Bonafide and Brahma, I can get a Brahma in a 180cm and a Bonafide in a 187. I been skiing mostly 186cm, but do have a FIS race stock 165cm.  I ski in Midwest and take 3 trips a year one to Bohemia where there is tight tree skiing and the other 2 out west.  I don't think I will over ski the 180cm as some suggest but I could be wrong. 6"2 and 225lbs. 

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