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Volkl Supersports in powder and crud

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Ive read that most people are very happy with this ski on piste and I have a chance to purchase a pair at an OK price.I cant demo as Im in Oz and its summer. Im spending 7 weeks in Whistler so Im after some feedback from anyone who has ridden this ski off piste etc. Im a one ski person and enjoy both sides of the mountain.Im coming off some xscreams series which I really liked. Im a light wt advanced to expert skier.
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Off piste is just great. Just moved to a 168cm 5 star from an old stright 203cm Rossi 7xk. These skis were better at everything, everywhere on the mountain, crud, bumps, groomers and pow.
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Did you ski them with the motion system or without?
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I have the 168s and they do OK in pow. Where they fail completely is in soft crud and chop: they sink in, get knocked around too much, and can't hold a line. I'm sure a longer length would be more stable, but what would be the point? Get a G3 if you want a 175+ ski.

Once the crud sets up and starts turning into soft moguls that they stay on top of, though, they're great again. And they are almost magically quick and bouncy on hard snow.

If you ski off-piste a lot you'll want something longer and wider. But if you stay mostly on-piste and ski energetically you'll love them. (Like most Volkls, they don't wake up until you start skiing them hard.)
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what spatters said-I skied them in 16" or so of cut up heavy powder-they got knocked around quite a bit. loved them in the bumps
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I skied the 175 in about a foot of pow at Snobird and Alta for a day and a half, and I was surprised at how well they skied. They tracked very well and just stay centerd and they were great, you were down in the snow when it was untracked, so it wasn't ideal, but still skied fine
I could blast through the chop and crud at speed with no problem. I skied them in the morning and the 175 Pocket Rocket in the afternoon, and yeah the PR's were better, mainly because they were up on the snow more so you could ski a little faster, but it wasn't like night and day or anything, I had a lot of fun on the Volkl's too, I skied everywhere with them.
At least in the 175 length, I gotta agree with Keelty's review when he says they are versatile enough to use on the entire mountain except perhaps bottomless.
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I agree with most of the reviews here. Awesome and quick ski in bumps, groomed, mixed and even light crud. Less responsive than the Pocket Rocket/Explosives in heavier crud/deep powder. The trade off is this -- how often do you spend the entire day in deep powder or heavy crud? If the answer (be truthful here, folks) is less than 25 - 35%, then this ski is the one ski for you. Let's face it, unless you are heli-skiing, you will not find yourself in completely untracked all day unless you are trapped at Alta/Snowbird on a day when the canyon closes. Most powder gets skiied up pretty quick. The T50 Five * does just fine in medium to light crud. Heavy/sticky crud is less fun with this ski. Use your heavier GS ski to power through this stuff, or go with the PR/Explosive fat boys and float on top.

There is no such thing as THE ONE SKI that does everyting better than any other ski. That said, and having recently demo'ed almost every Atomic, Dynastar, Rossi, Volant, and Volkl on the market, this ski stood out in a class by itself as a ski that does almost everything some of the other specialty skis do. For instance:

* the Atomic SL:11 is one of the top three short turn carving skis on planet earth. Period. If you get late in a gate, you can drop your rear end down to binding level, lay these things over on their side and get back on the line. Unbelievable. The T50 is not the SL:11, but it carves incredibly well and kills the SL in the bumps with a slightly softer (perhaps an understatement) flex -- especially in the tail. This is also the case when carving up the steeps. The T50 is more forgiving.

* the Dynastar SC10 is an incredibly smooth GS ski. Great dampening. Beautiful long arc geometry turns. Ski it to believe it. However, at slower speeds and for shorter turns, the ski requires alot of effort. The T50 is very, very stable at speed and at lesser speeds that GS skis cannot match.

* the Volant skis are typically great crud busters with their stiffer steel cap design. The T50, while not a Volant, does pretty darn well in mixed snow, crud and less-than-the-really-nasty crud.

I would also recommend that T50 demo'ers go shorter rather than longer. Want a killer pure powder ski? Get the Explosive or the PR in 180 cm and float like mad. Want a ski that, even in a short legnth can float through the powder pretty darn well and out carve the hell out of the fat boys? Go with the T50 in a shorter length and use it for what it was designed for -- carving, short turns, off-piste traction/edge, quickness in the trees, tremendous grip on groomed, quickness in the bumps with a little less stiffness, etc.

No such thing as THE ONE. In my tests of over a half dozen recent, top-of-the-line skis, the Volkl T 50 5 Star is about as close as it gets to the ONE.

My humble opinion. I now ski on a 188 cm Volant Machete McG that I love to death in the groomed and in heavy crud, but will not miss in the pow, bumps, or heavy duty steeps. I skied the T 50 in the 168 and the 175. Liked the 168 better as it felt lighter, faster, quicker and more responsive in all conditions. Less float in the powder? Sure, the math says so, but as one poster here noted, the 168 feels maybe 5% less effective in powder than the 175. That said, the 168 felt much quicker and easier to steer in a powder/dense trees scenario. I will take the quicker steerage over increased float ANY DAY in the trees.

5 foot 11 inches tall. 180 pounds. Expert skier on most days (tired as heck on some others).

Col [img]smile.gif[/img]
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