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Pocket Rockets

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Druid: Super Senior at Squalpine (since 1960) and still at it on BD Verdicts, Head Zenons, Crossmax, but my old Pocket Rockets are still my all time favorite go-to-boards.  Simple question: What is the best replacement for the PocRocks as they are finally wearing out and I have another decade to enjoy the groomers and avoid bumps?  

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Shogun. it's a better rocket.

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Originally Posted by davluri View Post

Shogun. it's a better rocket.
What he said.
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Do you want to buy my Gun's ? they are 175cm. :)

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I have a pair of 1080 guns that I bought to replace my beloved Pocket Rockets which were stolen from me at Sugarloaf about 5 years back on my birthday (to ad insult to injury!)  I like the guns a lot but they are heavier, stiffer and wider then my old PRs.  

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