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Help me please - Atomic Access, Rossi S3 or...?

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Please help :)

I am from Europe. I have some racing and lots on-piste skiing experience so I am a very good skier on groomed but pretty weak on off-piste and powder... 

I am more and more interested in free, more off-piste situations. (powder,crust,crud) And want to explore fresh snow, developing technique and speed (similar to piste). Looking for an all-mountain ski. Flotation, rocker, ability to maneuver is what I am looking for.

What would you recommend me please I am 192 cm tall and weight 80-85 Kg

I read some forums and browsed some of my options... I was thinking the Atomic Access...

Any thoughts, suggestions or experienced advice?



Thanks a lot


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I'm not sure I understood, but you want a ski to ski off piste, but not a powder ski becuase it doesnt snow a low where you usually ski? It will complement your on piste ski (so no need to have good on piste capbilities)? So its a ski for crud? And on top, you dont want to spend much money on it (but recent enough to have rocker on it)?
I think if you give some more details folks will give you better recommendations
I see sometimes in freeride oriented stores lots of previous seasons Armadas, some Dynastars and some K2 discounted (so some Dynastar Legend, Armada TST, some Line Prophet, K2 Kung Fujas), probably something around 100mm under foot, some metal, and . Maybe you can score one, specially because from your height you can get the real big ones (180cm and up).
And from the more mainstream: Salomon Rocker 2, Dynastar Chams, Volkl Mantra, on top of my mind
Have fun
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Thank you for your thoughts, I made some changes to my thread for better results :)

actually I'm looking for an all mountain ski, but more specialized for off-piste, soft snow. 

I had it mixed up...what I am looking for is a ski for powder, (crud and crust). Also rocker is something I would prefer. 

I would like your opinion on the ski length as well. My current pair is a volkl racing model (AC-3) 170cm, and I am not sure how tall the skis I'm looking for should be.

also a friend suggested Rossi S3 but in other threads they say its not that good..



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I see, so an all mountain that will handle crud, crust, chopped and maybe some powder, if you ever be so lucky :) . So maybe a ski that will be damp (opposite to the racing skis liveliness), around 90mm waist, with metal, as you are a strong skier, you will be able to handle it.
So some thoughts along those lines (or a bit bigger):
- Dynastar Outland 87 (Cham 97)
- Rossignol Experience 88 (Experience 98)
- Volkl RTM84 (Volkl Kendo)
- Atomic Crimson Ti (Atomic Theory or the Access, like you said)
- Salomon Enduro 800 (BBR 10.0)
The S3 maybe is not bad, but could be too soft for you?
I think if you go with the 80-90 you could replace completely your AC3. If you go with the slightly wider ones you will have more soft snow bias, but will lose a bit in piste capabilities, like the carving feel (which some people will think is not cool). Those are the ones Im most familiar, for sure there are some blizzards, Elans, etc that fit the bill.
For your height, I think around 180 cm would be nice. For all mountain, if yo go a bit shorter will make the ski easier to steer in tight spaces (the longer ones will be more stable at speed). You need to experiment a bit to find your sweet spot. I'm 183cm and for some skis 177 is cool for me, for others I feel its too short. So if you can get one day to rent some recent all mountain skis and ski maybe 3 or 4 in different lengths so you can get a feel, it would be great exercise for you.
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