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Advice about Crested Butte

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I'm heading out to ski Crested Butte in a couple weeks.  Never been there before so looking for some information on where the good runs are.  I can handle pretty much most inbounds terrain except huge mandatory drops (small drops with good snow is fine).  I've skied the steep stuff at Alta, Snowbird, Solitude,etc.  My wife however will probably be mostly sticking to groomers.  Based on their trail map, it looks like it's going to be hard to sort of ski together if I want to ski difficult terrain and she wants cruisers.  What are the best lifts/runs for sticking together as much as possible while providing both of us a good skiing experience?


Also, I will most likely head off on my own to ski some of the more advanced stuff.  Normally I ski with a buddy of similar ability so we can watch out for each other which allows us to be a bit more adventurous.  I'll probably be by myself, so any area that is remote or where I can get into trouble should probably be avoided.



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For the most challenging terrain you'll need to take one of the two T-bars; High Lift and North Face Lift. I would suggest trying North Face "proper" or North Face Glades from the North Face Lift and Headwall from the High Lift. You can continue to work your way to the right from the North Face to hit Hawks Nest or continue on the Million Dollar Highway to access Phoenix/Spellbound at a midway point (getting to the top requires a short hike). That said, I would urge you to purchase the "Extreme Guide" which contains arial photos of these areas. These places are dangerously steep and full of unmarked obstacles (trees, cliffs...) so it would be a good idea to see a picture of where you're headed rather than jumping in blindly. Your wife would likely enjoy Paradise Bowl and East River.

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