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Solomon super mountian

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Im considering buying some 186 solomon super mountians but I would like your input first.
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I demo'ed these the past couple seasons, and was considering purchasing a pair myself for this year, unfortunatel some unplanned financial issues have prevented me adding a new set of skis to my lot right now. Anyway I enjoyed the skis most in the spring crud last year at Tahoe. The ski seamed relatively soft, and although it was a "wide" ski it carved relatively easy on the groomed runs. Felt it was a very forgiving ski. Not sure that I would want it as my only pair of skiis, but if you spent most of your time off piste, I think it would work alright. Good luck.

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I own a pair of SuperMountains in a 186cm. I've had them for a couple years. They have held up well even after a few encounters with Montana shale.

I'm 5' 11", 175 to 180 pounds depending on how close it is to Xmas. I have other skis so my SuperMountains are mainly for powder, crud, crud turning to moguls, soft moguls.... I use other skis for packed and icy conditions though I could get by in Montana with the SuperMountain as my only ski.

I have been very happy with this ski. They were wider than the normal mid-fats (until this year) but not quite as wide as some of the fats. Their width makes them great for most powder conditions except classic Rocky Mountain cold smoke. When the snow is super light I wish I had something even wider. They are not a very lively ski which actually is a benefit in crud where they shine. If you are looking for a ski with some zing at the end of a turn look elsewhere.

I have found the SuperMountain to be fun on groomers but overmatched on ice. I like them in big moguls where their width and lightness makes them easy to push around. They are torturous in small, tight moguls, though.

The SuperMountain is out of production so you can get some great deals on them. They are well worth the $300 or less price I've seen on them.
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