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27yo east coast skier, 5'11, 160lb so on the light side, competent but not expert skier(to give a better image, this is my 4th year, first 3yr skied 5days total, this year 17 days. I can do cascade in Killington fine but many black/double black moguls like downdraft/conclusion give me tons of trouble). Starting to try some park stuff but definitely at learning phase for that. I can see myself being 60-70% mountain and rest in park. Not really interested in off-piste/tree stuff, moguls are ok but is definitely not preferred.


Currently using a pair of elan waveflex 8 on 168cm, good for carving(73 underfoot 14m radius) but not much else. 


what I'm looking for: good all mountain performance, durability(obviously for park), some pop(for park) but not too chatty(for mountain).


My thoughts on candidates:(could be well off)

step: symmetric(good for park but don't know if good for mountain), 85 underfoot(narrowest of the 4, should be enough for east coast?), supposed to be poppy

kink: asymmetric, 89 underfoot, might be better for mountain?

a-bang: symmetric, cheapest, heavy, poppy(due to ollieband)

chronic: asymmetric, 92 underfoot(fattest), lighter than abang(volkl doesn't have weight data)


I'm going to get 171 or 172 in size since they are all twin tips. Don't think I can handle 175+. For bindings, I'm thinking Marker Squire Schizo - mostly because this could be my 1-ski quiver and I don't think center mount is a good idea for mountain.


Any suggestion/critic/idea is appreciated.