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Was that on the ramp to Collins base. Bcos they didn't let me park there. They had shut down that ramp around 10 am.

Yep. Bus pile up! 

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Had to get Spooky a beer after making him wait for me the entire morning! We had a blast skiing lots of untouched pow, too bad I had to head home at noon, wife would go crazy if we didn't get in time to pick up the dog!
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Had a great time at Alta today!  Snow didn't get going until after 8am, then it kept up for a few hours.  Best thing is that the temps stayed low up top and weren't really that high at the base either.


Had a good time skiing with my daughter.  Really appreciated Spooky hanging with us in the afternoon.  It was deep and bottomless in a lot of places over on the Sugarloaf side.  Very few people bothered to go over to that side today.  My last run was on Sunspot.  Good way to end the ski vacation.


Three bus pile up on the road to the Wildcat parking lot.  Happened just before Collins opened at 9:15am.  Could get first row getting in line just before 9:00.



Lower level of Alf's around 2:30pm.  Snowing lightly.


On Sunspot late afternoon.  Better visibility at 3pm since the snow stopped so Marz Jr. was willing to join us.  Deep soft snow was good for a comfortable rest stop for pics.


Spooky was fun to ski with

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Help! Where would you ski today ? Snowbird 4 in overnight? Of should I head to to PCMR or DV ? Both got 8 in overnight?

Have to catch a flight at 435. So I need to stop skiing by 2 pm?

Locals pl help.
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Park City did better last night. I would go there. But Cottonwoods would still be fun. Can't go too wrong. 

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Deer Valley Snow report.  Blew the driveway twice yesterday. The snow is heavy, but it's coming down light and cold now.


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Am at snowbird. Nobody here at 8am !!!!!!
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See if you can ride the same blue box till 2!

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Ok. Filled up in a hurry. Got on first tram. Mineral basin was sweet. Then over to little cloud and cirque. Don't think they will open road to Provo today.

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Oh my. What a day. Road to Provo opened around noon.

This is the 2nd year in which my last ski day for the year is a powder day at snowbird.

Here is a chute around mid cirque

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Skied the Canyons today. Yesterday, snow was heavy, but still fun because it wasn't too deep. Today was deep, but snow was very light and powdery overnight. Awesome day. Defintiely one of best of my season. 

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Did Snowbird get tracked out pretty heavy? Anyone ski Solitude? Debating about heading down that way tomorrow. 


I was going to head down there today, but given it's Snowbasin's last week and they reported a few inches (3"-24/6"-48), I went there instead. It really ran the spectrum - no-bottom powder (not quite deep enough to be "bottomless," but I was happy when I couldn't feel the crust below), to teeth-rattling, wind-scarred boilerplate, to first degree dust-on-crust (powder "puddles" intermingled with slick crust sheets and bumps). What really saved the day was the utter lack of people - not even the first parking row was full, and it felt like I was alone on the mountain all day, so what powder was there was around all day. I even managed a face shot on nearly every run.


Overall much better than the decent groomer day without powder I was expecting. It's definitely getting super-thin, though. Had to unstrap on the traverse at the bottom of John Paul area because it's intersected by a 7-foot strip of rock. Some parts of trails and woods that were okay a couple of weeks ago are now impassable brush fields. 

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Yes - snowbird was pretty tracked out. At the same time - since it was windy - there were a lot of spots especially Cirque (upper and lower) and lower Silver Fox - where becos of windloading - even

on my last run at 2pm - it felt untracked. 

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Oh and also - far left of Road to provo was not fully open. If that opens tomorrow - you can get some fresh lines there. also Gad2 has been closed since sunday. Don't know if you can traverse to Gad2 territory.

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Last night Snowbird got 13" and Park City got 18". Just sayin'

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Plenty of soft and deep at Alta yesterday morning.  At least 5 inches of fresh at Alta Lodge at breakfast time.  My daughter skied before we had to take the shuttle to the airport.  She said it was hip deep on her off trail on the Sugarloaf side.  Not too many local powder hounds in the morning.  Collins lift line cleared by 9:30am.  Those who picked Wildcat had to wait an extra 10 min for that lift to start up.  The Backside opened mid-morning.


I expect my friends who are arriving at Alta today are going to have a very good time the next few days.  Plenty cold and a little more snow in the forecast for Thu.

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Oh well... what are we gonna do for the rest of the year until TksGiving??? th_dunno-1[1].gif

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So is the skiing still going strong in Utah? Checked out the ski report for the past week for Snowbird and looked like solid accumulation for over a week now.

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Yep. Check out the late season turns thread for a couple reports from earlier this week.
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Mostly about Snowbird


Snowbird snowcam usually let's you see the past 24 hours.

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Originally Posted by tekweezle View Post

So is the skiing still going strong in Utah? Checked out the ski report for the past week for Snowbird and looked like solid accumulation for over a week now.

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Yes! Just skied about a foot of powder this past Saturday at Alta.
Looks like we are headed for spring this week for the last weekend, though.
Snowbird looks to be good until mid-end of May.
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