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Intuition vs DFP liners---or another liner?

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I recently got new boots and am not 100% satisfied with the stock liner (Tecnica Inferno Fling, 23.5, bsl 280---I normally wear a size 8-8.5 womens street shoe and a couple fitters have confirmed the size is correct). Aside from the fact that the tongue wants to migrate to the outside (though this tendency seems to be lessening each time I ski), I get a pressure point at the top of the tongues where it's bruising my shins. One day I had to quit early it hurt so much. The boots are tight at the top once I do up the power strap, so I'm not necessarily convinced it's shin bang--it's more like a pressure point. These new boots/stock liners hit lower on my shin than my old boots (2008 Lange Exlusive 80, 24.5, bsl 291), so it may be that where the tongue is hitting is off for me. The only thing I wear in the boot is a thin smartwool sock, so no pant gaiter or anything is causing this. I have a very narrow foot, lowish instep and skinny ankles/calfs.

My first question is, do you think a different liner could solve the problem?

Second question--I got them at Christy Sports where they sell DFP liners. I think Intuition makes these liners for DFP. Does anyone know what the difference between a DFP liner and a name branded Intuition liner really is? Any differences?

I'm not necessarily wedded to Intuition as an aftermarket liner, but I do need warmth due to circulation issues in my feet and I've read that they run warm.


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try on the boot, with an intuition, on other liner, and see if that feels better.


no idea who makes the DFP, but you can order from intuition directly.

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I wouldn't throw a liner at your problem as the first solution.  You need to move the pressure somewhere else and that can be done for much less cost then the purchase of a liner.  Using dense foam simply pad below the sore spot to move pressure there and reduce it where it hurts and you may be good to go.  We use 1/8 and 1/4 nickelplast, which you can probably find at any orthotist or physio.



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I have a foam pad added to the tongue that is about 1/8" thick, which did improve the problem but didn't eliminate it completely. The pressure point/pain seems to be improving the more I ski them, so perhaps my shins are toughening up in that area. The other reason I'm considering a different liner is that the liner that came with the boot is a bit spongy for my taste (my old boots had a firmer feeling liner) and I'm looking for something that will have a firmer feel as well.

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IF you want a firmer liner,  I'd look at zipfit.

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